HIT: The First Case Movie Review [Telugu]

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HIT Movie Trailer (Telugu) | Vishwak Sen | Ruhani Sharma | Nani | Sailesh Kolanu

HIT  Full Movie Download: It is a Telegu thriller movie which is directed by Sailesh Kolanu. The movie starts at Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma in lead. It also stars Chaitanya Sagiraju, Brahmaji, Hari Teja, Murali Sharma, Bhanu Chander, Naveena Reddy, and many more actors and actresses.

The producer of the film is Nani and he produced the movie under the banner Wall Poster Cinema and it’s his second movie after Awe. The music in the film is given by Vivek Sagar.

But, the Hit full hd movie download is leaked by the infamous Tamilrockers website on the same day of release.

The movie starts with Vikram (played by Vishwak Sen) who is a cop with an aggressive nature who has a painful past. One day, a girl Preeti gets kidnapped. Vikram, the cop is involved in the case. Things become difficult when Vikram’s girlfriend, Neha (played by Ruhani Sharma) also gets kidnapped the same way as Preeti got kidnapped. The rest of the part of the story is all about how Vikram solves the case and catches the culprit.

The theme of the movie looks nice and has a type of realistic setup which makes the audience to get interested in every part of the movie. The realistic setup is unique. Both the lead actor and actress played the role neat and clean which is nice.

The chemistry between Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma is good. The investigation after kidnapping looks very detailed and is showcased in such a way that they look very good and interesting. Murali Sharma plays well in his brief role. The tense role played by Hari Teja is too good.  

Ultimately, Vishwak Sen is the character who is the lifeline of the Hit Full movie. His role seems important to make the movie awful to watch. Vishwak Sen, a talented actor played a difficult role and carried the tempo of the character from starting to the end of the movie and proving his versatility. Vikram did well throughout the movie, especially in the investigation scenes.

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The length of the movie makes the audience feel some itchiness. And, the climax of the movie could have been overall handled more effectively and creatively. The investigation scenes related to Hari Teja could have been reduced.

The movie which is especially a thriller film has many twists and turns which it should have, no doubt about this as after all it’s a thriller, but HIT Movie is more like an investigation movie which is feeling like solving a puzzle in a straight line rather than delivering a pumping effect to the audience.

The camera work is top-notch in the movie and texture quality is also good which reflects quality in terms of visual appearance on the screen. The dialogues written are neat and the production design looks good. The detailing of the movie is seen in investigation scenes.

The direction of movie is okay. The way he explores the scenes is good but cinematically there are not many twists and turns and the craziness may not arise in the audience.

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But, you should stay away from these websites which provide watch latest movies online free. They illegally distribute movies, which is considered a crime under the Indian copyright act. However, if anyone is found sharing movies illegally, he might have to face a penalty.

Overall, HIT is a thriller suspense film that has interesting investigation scenes. Vishwak Sen has delivered a top-notch performance in his role throughout the movie. But the film is lengthy and lacks the twists and turns which are needed in a thriller movie. Finally, it’s a nice movie.

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