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Ghoomketu | Official Trailer | Nawazuddin S, Anurag K | A ZEE5 Original Film | Streaming Now on ZEE5

The film Ghoomketu revolves around an aspiring writer who belongs to a small town in Uttar Pradesh and decides to try his luck in the city of dreams, Mumbai. He has thirty days to prove his skills. Does he actually succeed in the same? Find out after watching the film. There are no spoilers revealed in the review so go ahead and read carefree.

The film’s protagonist has been shown in gaudy colourful clothes and aims to strikes conversations with the audience, packed with some unfunny jokes. Well, to be honest probably all jokes are unfunny. It is very heart-breaking that the story showcasing the knitted story revolving around an aspiring actor has a very poor and unimaginative writing style. The story seems like a very ordinary story penned down by some layman and released just for the sake of doing it.

The film is written and directed by Pushpendra Nath Misra. The film released on Zee5 showcases merely a couple of elements including, busy life in a metro city like Mumbai, his weird family in the town Mahona, and the fate of a small towner. There is absolutely nothing else in the film.

It is very depressing that not even one joke in the entire film of one hour forty-two minutes is funny. Life in Mumbai showcased in the Ghoomketu is absolutely drab, the family is very loud for no good reason and there are no elements to look forward to. It seems that Nawazuddin Siddiqui is too good for the role to be played for the film and it seems like even the actor is aware of the same. It is still a big question as to how he agreed to play a role in this film, which lacks almost everything.

There are no punch lines in the film and the dialogues of the movie are also poor. The entire movie seems like a huge tragedy made on purpose to give the audience a hard time and not one scene is worth mentioning when it comes to comical moments. The makers have tried to grasp the audience by using the concept of parody on the Bollywood industry but it seems like they have failed miserably because of their poor writing skills. So basically the joke is on them.

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To represent the Bollywood clichés one requires witty writing and that is what lacks in the much-awaited film. There is not even one scene where you feel like laughing and realize that the movie has only been dragged for no good reason. You simply wait for the film to come to an end; probably you might enjoy the credit scenes.

There are several actors in the film who have played cameo including Amitabh Bachchan, Sonakshi Sinha, Ranveer Singh and many more. However, you definitely cannot expect them to take charge of the film merely with a few seconds’ performances.

The only star-cast member who has stood out because of her acting skills is Ila Arun. She has definitely tried to pick up the pieces in the madness with her skills and do a much better job than all the other departments.

In the film, you will notice that Anurag Kashyap and Raghuvir Yadhav are increasing their volume and yelling at the top of their voices for no good reason. You cannot sit through the film even though the duration is very less. One just cannot forget how the humour in the film lacks despite several attempts and fails every time miserably. Here is a gentle reminder that the film is not at all worth your time.

The film was filmed in the year 2014; however, the makers kept delaying it because of some financial issues, which resulted in postponing the releasing schedule. Ghoomketu Movie seems to be completely off the track and a lot many elements seem to be simply missing. The plot of the film seems half-baked and there are many ironic scenes in the film.

The film also has serious body shaming where the protagonist is seen making fun of her for being fat and also not to see her by treating her in a very ill manner. The absurd relationship in the film is very alerting and disturbing. It was one of the much-awaited projects and the makers simply made it worse by just releasing it on the digital platform.

Ghoomketu is absolutely good for nothing except that there is one good track in the film. The Bird song sung by Jasleen Royal is probably the best part of the film. However, the song in the film ghoomketu seems a misfit for the supposed to be a funny film.

If you have plenty of time in this lockdown and are looking to pass time then go for the film, however at your own risk!

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