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The film Eureka revolves around the protagonist Yuva, which is played by Karteek Anand. He hates to go to his college and he somehow wants to end the fest which is planned by Revanth. The latter character has been played by Munna. The Telugu film has been set in the background of a college and every film based on this genre is generally about just celebrating life, infatuations and love triangles, glorification of bonds and the extravaganza.

However, this film is nothing like that and has come out to be different from the typical genres. Director Karteek Anand has played a major role on screen and must definitely be applauded for trying a completely different genre. The light-hearted filmed although has serious angles and suspense but has worked amazingly for the audience and you will enjoy it too.

Revanth is a very hardworking and industrious student on his campus, he loves to take every little fest and group discussion very seriously. He plans to organize a college fest titled Eureka on a very grand note. He strives hard to get permission from his college authorities and succeeds to do the same and asks all his college students to be a part of the fest. He is very excited about the fest and the engaging activities.

Yuva has a very contradictory nature to that of Revanth. He is a typical college bully and a thug who hates the college and thus aims to ruin the fest planned by Revanth. He does not enjoy a good reputation in college and thus believes he has nothing more to lose. He gets into several brawls with the industrious boy and even ruins his reputation. One incident marks the interference of the police to stop their fight that is how serious it gets. There are so many incidents that show that Yuva is definitely not fond of Revanth and just wants to get rid of him come what may.

Coming to the other part of the story, the love angle between Yuva and his girlfriend seems very unnecessary and looks as if the makers have forcefully tried to fit the love piece in the thriller puzzle. The tale becomes boring whenever the love aspect comes into the forefront and just seems out of the place. The flashbacks which have been portrayed in the film could have been much better and the director should have experimented with something new, rather than sticking to the old concepts.

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The comic scenes in the film seem okay and would make you laugh at certain occasions however don’t expect much since the movie passes time before you can even get into thick and thins. The film seems interesting when Yuva tries to find the ender of his enemy with the help of his gang. The role of his friends has been played by Abhay Bethiganti and Shalini Vadnikatti. Both of them have played decent roles with what was offered to them.

Talking about performances, Karteek has succeeded in keeping his audience engaged at all times with his amazing performance. The twist and turns in the film have been rather enhanced due to his brilliant performance. In the 2020 Telegu film eureka, his character can be seen defying logic and using cinematic liberties but the fact that he pulled off his screen presence with those cliché moments says a lot about him as a debutant.

After watching this film you will feel like watching the actor-director once more with some versatile role. The role of the lecturer has been played by Brahamaji and the kind of performance he has delivered is outstanding. He has succeeded in inciting laughter at quite many scenes. The background score by Naresh Kumaran is just banged on and has helped the film to grip the most at boring scenes.

Karteek has performed his role with ease and with the intense performance he has won thousands of hearts. Munna has also played an amazing role and done justice to his versatile character. Honestly, the films do not have much role apart from the actress who is shown as the love interest of Yuva. Raghu babu and Abhay have performed well too with what they were actually offered

If you are expecting that Eureka is an edge-of-the-seat thriller then you are wrong, but it is a good pick if you are looking for some light-hearted thriller than some out-and-out drama. Even though the film revolves around a man and the mystery of solving the same, it can definitely qualify as a weekend pick. Watch it with your family today and make quarantine a little better!

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