Code M Season 1 Review [Zee5]

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Director – Akshay Choubey
Cast – Jennifer Winget, Tanuj Virwani, Aalekh Kapoor, Keshav Sadhna, Rajat Kapoor, and more.
IMDb Rating – 7.3/10

The thriller Zee5’s series Code M revolves around the character Monica Mehra who is a military lawyer, played by the actress Jennifer Winget. She is summoned by Colonel Suryaveer Chauhan, played by actor Rajat Kapoor, who asks her to solve an easy seeming to-be open and shut case. The case deals with the death of an army officer. Monica begins to unravel the facts and finds out the smallest grains of the case.

Code M web series commences with three immaculately army officers who run behind two suspected militants. After a few moments, the suspected militants are put down, however; an army officer meets his fate in defeat. The encounter receives a lot of attention in town when the mother of the two militants sets herself on fire. Monica is asked to come to Jodhpur to lead the so-called open and shut case.

Everyone forces the lady officer to believe that it is a clear case but she defies everyone and understands that the case has been misled. The martyred officer Ajay Paswan turns out to be the future-son-in-law of Monica’s mentor, Colonel Chauhan. After questioning a few officers she finds out who was there with them on a concerned day. She finds a lead to Angad Sandhu who dated Monica in the past.

The Code M web series has a good engaging story and the cast is very talented yet it fails to deliver as a blockbuster series. The eight episodes of the series are twenty-five minutes each. The series has also brought homosexuality and serious topics such as casteism but does not hit the right note. Code M series from the beginning blows air in the balloon and pricks the efforts as soon as the climax comes. It is very disappointing to see that even educated people have issues related to caste.

Nevertheless, even after the weird climax, it is good to see a lady in immaculate uniform leading the case among men. However, the background music was not matching the content on the screen at all, which seemed out of place. Monica’s character demanded action scenes be performed which was justified by Jennifer.

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Even Tanuj Virani gave a good performance in terms of his last performance as Vayu Raghavan. The chemistry of the two was also not justified since the flashbacks did not portray much if their romance, leaving the audience disheartened. The meaning of Code-M means Court-martial which is not even suitable for the series.

The code m series is the perfect example of what happens when great power is wielded by crooked ones. It also reminds the audience that for the army officers their duty comes first since Monica who is supposed to get married doesn’t think twice and goes to Jodhpur to lead the case. The drama also seemed to take a hard look at the army of our nation.

The series is unpredictable and keeps the audience engaging until the end. However, the journey is good while the destination is not; the end has not been written well. It also teaches us not to trust on face value for you never know what one has to offer behind your back. Seema Biswas‘s cameo as the militants’ mother has also been playing very well. It also shows how two exes come together and work professionally rather than driving their journey in the tunnel of nostalgia.

It seems like the web series is trying to cope up with a series on Amazon Prime and Netflix. In case you want to watch the series for the stunning actress Jennifer Winget then go ahead else you can just enjoy the journey but be careful, the end might disappoint you.

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