5 Best Money Making Apps You Need To Download In Your Mobile Phone

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Money-making has become more accessible in the era of digitization. People have found new ways to make money and get the most out of their online social media presence. There are so many ways that can be utilized to make money from home from your smartphones. People have introduced many apps to make money from the comfort of their homes and enjoy the perks of some extra cash. If you consider the stats, an average person is known to spend at least 4.5 hours a day on their phone. This is quite a lot of time of the day and if you start investing it in making money, then imagine how well you can do it. Rather than spending your time on different social media platforms, you can utilize it to earn some extra cash.

You can do extensive research and figure out the best applications to get fast cash and make the best use of your time. There is a massive range of apps that you can use to either make money or save your money to have something in hand.

Let’s have a look at the best money-making apps that you might want to download on your phone!

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the best app for online gift cards and paid surveys when you are shopping online. You can browse the internet, watch different videos, participate in surveys, play games online, and many more. You can quickly redeem the points earned in the form of gift cards, cash, or some specific merchandise. Swagbucks is available in many countries, and you can very quickly register through your own email or Facebook. You can shop online at different retail stores such as Target, Walmart, Starbucks, and Amazon, answer their surveys, and get gift cards. Watch the videos, earn points and get exclusive offers and deals, play from a list of online lottery games or other simpler games, and make money out of it.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the best apps for making money online by taking up different online surveys. It allows you to be an influencer for other brands and give your thoughts with surveys about different ways to earn money. It offers you surveys depending on your profile and gives you rewards in terms of virtual points. These points can be used to get e-gifts or can be transferred in terms of money on your PayPal, your bank account, or Amazon gift cards.

3. M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a free platform for different types of investments to earn some extra cash online. It gives you various financial tools to manage the investments, the spendings, and the money you have borrowed. It manages and balances a person’s portfolio and provides you with options to manage your purchases or make new purchases. In addition, it makes sure you earn 1% of all your spendings and allows you to achieve significant sums of money from the banks.

4. Acorns

Acorns are yet another app that works as an investing platform. It does not let your change go to waste, and it offers you chances to spend your spare cash in the best manner. For example, you can invest all the difference you get from your everyday grocery back to the application, which will, in return, give you a lot more. All you have to do is download the app, set up your account, build a portfolio of your own, and make a deposit as low as $1.

5. Wikibuy

Wikibuy allows you to shop at the most affordable and cheapest rates and gives you a chance to make money with cash rewards and better deals online. Once you install the application, its database connects you to the eCommerce stores and offers you the most important deals and discounts that you would imagine. The app allows you to scan the barcode, find different stores that have the same product but at a lower price. This will get you credits and codes on your account, which you can either use for shopping or redeem in cash. Many vendors deal with Wikibuy and their points, so you do not need to worry about spending the credits.

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