Stunning Actress Urvashi Dholakia Launched Digital Chat Show To Keep Her Fans Engaged

Stunning Actress Urvashi Dholakia Launched Digital Chat Show To Keep Her Fans Engaged
Pic Credit: Urvashi Dholakia Official Instagram Account

With the country advancing towards entertainment and finding new ways to keep themselves and their people busy, the gorgeous actress Urvashi Dholakia has now launched her own little talk show. The digital talk show has been titled as “Trending Now”.

The efforts of the actress can be seen to make quarantine less boring and entertain the people stuck in their homes. Urvashi aims to make the best use of the platform by making her content available to her followers. The information which will be covered by her will be fun, light and entertaining.

In the talk show, the beautiful actress will be seen as having a chit-chat with many personalities from different and contrasting backgrounds. This will allow us to get ourselves entertained through light gossips.

When the actress was asked to express her feelings for the new talk show, she said, “Digital media has taken over every possible medium at this moment, and it is the one thing that is successfully moving forward on a high.” The new idea that the actress has come up with shows that she is making good use of the time that quarantine has created a void for. She is clearly filling the void with her efforts.

Plus, with every individual glued to their screen, the fact that her content will be watched by many users is pretty obvious. At the moment, her fans are quite excited by her new initiative to drive out boredom. The actress accepted that the idea of this peppy chat show came to her because she herself is a very talkative person and loves the idea of communicating to know more about people.

The way of taking this initiative to connect to people and deliver content to the masses through witty and humorous chats is a good way to drive in positivity for the sake of her fans. The Trending Now talk show will focus on having a light-hearted conversation with charismatic personalities and bring out the different sides of each individual.

The masses will know information that will be new to them considering the heart to heart conversation. The guests at her show will open up about their personal information, their likes, dislike and their secrets which were bubbled for a very long time.

Actress also aims to make the chat all about the individual which will hold the atmosphere of fun. The witty conversations mean that the fans will be glued to their screens more than ever before.

Episode 1 of Urvashi Dholakia’ Talk Show

Plus, creating such an atmosphere would mean having a break from the anxiety which has been created given the pandemic crises.

The digital talk show will act as a great mind diverter for people who are trapped in the most worrisome atmosphere at the current moment. Thus, we think that such a chat show will definitely make people look towards the brighter side of the current situation and keep them positive at all times.

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