In A Heartfelt Conversation, Miss Universe Sushmita Sen Revealed Truth About The Gown That Won Her The Crown

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Twenty-five years down and the gorgeous Miss India and Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen has an indelible imprint on all of our hearts. We all can agree that her elegance still rules our hearts and will continue to do so! The gorgeous lady is very active on her social media handle and chooses to give out her personal information to her five million followers.

Her Instagram handle is flooded with her workout videos, motivating her fans and also with pictures of her boyfriend Rohman Shawl, which gives us a couple goals. Adios to her social media handle and her fans for leaking out the old video in which the actress can be seen talking about her beautiful gown which she wore for the pageant in 1994; for the Miss India pageant competition.

In a heart-to-heart conversation with late actor Farooq Shaikh, the actress revealed that her gown was not from a fashion outlet but was rather sewn by a local tailor. And this is stemmed from the fact that she belonged to a lower-middle class family.

Her family did not have enough money to afford four stunning outfits for her glamorous day and hence she had to resort to her only means; the local tailor. In the interview, she said, “Did not have so much money to wear designer clothes. We were middle-class people and knew our restrictions,” which tells pretty much nothing but the truth.

The actress purchased clothes from Sarojini market, whereas the backside of her house, towards the garage, had a local tailor and he was told to tailor the dresses neatly because it will be shown on the television. No wonder he was so much encouraged to stitch it beautifully.

The ones who do not know the truth about her gown can hardly tell that it is not branded. The Sarojini fabric tailored by him was the winning gown. The rest of the fabric was kept by her mom and she made a beautiful rose out of it.

Whereas, the black gloves worn by her were actually new black colored socks which were sewn with some elastic to fit on her hand. Did you all even know that? Isn’t it impressive?

The gorgeous actress actually won the Miss India pageant wearing the local cloth tailored by a local tailor. This clearly states the message that in order to win the competition, money is not so necessary but the intentions towards the competition should be right. This is rightly proved by the Miss Universe and Miss India. We all definitely have a lot to learn from this marvelous example.

Also, thanks to her lovely fans who had to dig up her social media history and bring the facts into the limelight! After all, we know about a person only through the situations he/ she has reacted to. Talking about the stunning actress, words will fall short if we begin to describe her!

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