Bollywood Blockbuster ‘Super 30’ To Hit The China Box-Office Post-Pandemic Crises, Sources Confirm

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The coronavirus pandemic which originally initiated in China has clearly affected counties all across the globe. The pandemic lockdown has forced the authorities to shut down the theatres in order to practice social distancing. However, on one hand, where the effects of the virus are worst hit across national boundaries and oceans, on the other hand, China is seen to take efforts to slowly lift its economy.

Amongst the other efforts it has also decided that once the situation is under control, the country has planned to release Vikas Bahl’s Bollywood super hit film, ‘Super 30’ which stars the eye-candy, Hrithik Roshan. The film will hit the China box office once the pandemic comes to an end. This string of news was confirmed to Bollywood Hungama by the CEO of Reliance Entertainment-Shibashish Sarkar. Such news definitely rings a positive chord in the heart of the Bollywood industry!

Earlier, the superhit movie was applied for censorship in China. The authorities in charge have revealed that once the industry is back in business and the country is free from coronavirus, the first thing they will do is censor the film. And then after completing the process it will hit the theatres all across the country.

The film was a Bollywood blockbuster in India and happened to cross the mark of Rs 100 crore. This benchmark definitely conveys the success achieved by the genuine heartfelt story. The story did not only reach the audience but it also delivered a beautiful message to the crowd and imprinted it on their hearts, leaving an indebile mark!

In the film, Super 30, Hrithik Roshan played the role of Anand Kumar who is a mathematician by choice and a teacher by profession. The story revolves around his earnest efforts to lead his poor students to the greater path of success. He teaches them in exchange for the dedication that he expects from his students to crack the IIT entrance examination and in return asks for no money.

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The character of Anand Kumar demanded lean and bony structure which was rightly justified by the actor. In fact, his transformation from a lean character in Super 30 to a well-built character in the film War left his fans with their jaws dropping.

The movie had such a strong-rooted social message that it was declared free from tax in many states across India. The audience within the borders of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra enjoyed the tax-free movie. The film was so beautiful that the handsome hunk actor said in an interview, “You know, the truth is that if this film hadn’t worked, there would have been a great disappointment since I believed in it so much. It would have disempowered me.”

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The cast agrees that there were days when they believed that the movie would not work out whereas there were days when it rained positivity. The constant battle made them feel if they were not on the right track because the movie was not wrapped with glamour and glitter. It was rather about a social message which proved to be a challenge.

However, in the end, the journey of the film to the theatres convinced the cast that they indeed delivered a good performance. The Bollywood movie-going places are itself a positive litmus test that proves its success. Although we are already aware of how the movie will perform in China but yet let’s wait and see how the China box office has to react on this after the pandemic crises.

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