Subhash Ghai Talks About How The Lockdown Has Affected The Regional Cinema Adversely

Subhash Ghai Talks About How The Lockdown Has Affected The Regional Cinema Adversely

It is very evident that the Bollywood industry has faced blow due to the coronavirus pandemic, now just imagine the fate of the smaller and regional films. All the departments in the film industry have faced a lot of loss but the ones working at the grassroots level have faced so much more.

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai told the media sources that his Marathi production has incurred a huge loss. His new project had a premiere on March 12, 2020, and was supposed to hit the theatres the very next day. However, on the release date, the theatres were asked to shut down since the cases on the graph were inclining upwards. A proper nationwide lockdown was implied on March 14. It is very sad that the film could not enjoy a proper period to prove its story, but just one day at the theatres.

Furthermore, the lockdown was extended twice which made it worse for his production house. The film Vijeta incurred huge loss and the loss has been piling up to date. Ghai laments that he is very scared to even calculate the figures and percentage with every day passing by. He told the media sources that the nationwide lockdown has affected him financially and it is very scary.

Subhash Ghai feels that the damage is done but there is always a way out. He along with his team will figure out some way and fight the battle together. All they are doing now is waiting for the lockdown to come to an end so that the theatres will re-open. He has decided that the team has joined hands and together they have decided that the film will be released again after the situation is under control.

Although the filmmaker is a little upset with this scenario, he has decided to use his energy to develop another project instead of just simply giving up. Subhash Ghai has already started to pen down his next film which is a futuristic film and will showcase the scenario of the year 2024 to the audience. He feels that this novel project will be a little challenging because futuristic films are all about creativity and imagination.

The film vijeta will begin its shooting schedule at the end of the year 2020. It is very appreciable that the filmmaker did not just resign to his destiny and thought of a better alternative of using his lockdown time to write a new script. Let’s hope that his novel project goes well. He has all the time in the world to think of novel concepts and ideas and this lockdown will definitely work in his favor.

The film Vijeta revolves around sports and has some new element which will attract the Marathi audience. The film definitely needs a second chance. Post-lockdown the audience should definitely show a positive response to the regional cinema, let’s pray for the situation to get normal so that all blockbuster movies hit the screens.

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