Sona Mohapatra Slams Jacqueline Fernandez, Bhumi Pednekar And Taapsee Pannu Over Poor Lip-Syncing And Compares Them To Old Generation Actresses

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The stunning singer Sona Mohapatra is one of the most loved singers in the country. She is not only known for her beautiful voice but also for her opinions in the film industry over different controversies. The singer while having a conversation with the media sources, revealed that in the past the Bollywood actors used to take immense efforts for lip-syncing to grasp the attention of the audience; however, she feels that the times have changed.

The latest generation of Bollywood actors is not at all keen to take efforts for lip-syncing and this makes the singer sad. She feels that the actresses are just not willing to respect the work of the singers!

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The singer complained about the stunning actress Jacqueline Fernandez and revealed that the song, which she sang for her film did not show the actress lip-syncing the lyrics and that made her feel miserable. In the song ‘Saaiyan Tere Pyaar Mein Lut Gaye Hum Bazaar Mein’, the actress was supposed to sing the song, however, according to the music video Jacqueline did not open her mouth while saying ‘Saaiyan’.

The singer feels that lip-syncing is an art and the old generation used to do it with zeal and zest. The actors in the past used to pour their hearts out and feel the lyrics to convince the audience and that is what won their hearts. In fact, there were times when the actors used to sing the song to feel the lyrics.

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The way they lip-synced; they had a certain strain on their throats, which used to grasp the attention of the audience. It really looked like they were completely into the song and felt it genuinely. This shows that they had respect for the singers.

Sona Mohapatra also revealed that she sang a song for the music composer Vishal Mishra, who is very talented for the Indian music industry. The singer sang a song for the blockbuster film, Saand Ki Aankh. She considers the star-cast of the film to be very talented however; she raised a question for the actresses.

She put forward a question for Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar, whether they even heard the song for once in real. Sona feels that no efforts have been taken by both the actresses in the film and it does not even look like they were actually singing the song.

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It seems like the actresses just arrived on the set of the film and tried to move their lip a bit and the capture was over. The singer also tells the actresses that they might think that the audience does not come to know but it is very evident that no efforts have been taken to lip-sync the songs and this is very unprofessional.

The singer also claimed that she does not want to thrash anyone or slam in the face but the case she has brought into the limelight is very valid. It will be very interesting after the news reaches the actresses and then hear them about what they have to say to Sona Mohapatra. Will they accept the validation put forward by her or will they simply thrash her back? Only time will tell!

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