Sidharth Confesses His Side On The “Masakali 2.0” Song Controversy

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Bollywood eye candy Sidharth Malhotra who was recently starred in the most controversial song of the film “Masakali 2.0” took to an interview to express his views. The newly released song is basically the remake of A.R Rahman’s song Masakali from the film “Delhi 6. The song was released recently, and in no time was it ridiculed by the trollers on every social platform. The makers of the song expected a positive response and on the contrary, they received hatred and trolls, which clearly states that the audience is in strong support of original releases and against the remake of songs.

Recently, the actor came forward and expressed his share of thoughts. He agrees to the fact that he has been a part of recreated songs in the past including “Kala Chashma” and “Chull” and they have happened to gain a lot of success. And it is pretty obvious that the actors get linked with the controversy since they are being starred in it.

He thinks that it is easy for the people out there to blame the entire cast and crew of the movie but he has already worked in films before which have made remakes of gold original songs and they all worked well. It is pretty evident that the actor is not choosing sides because it is actually none of the actor’s business professionally. It is not important whether he actually endorses it or not. All of his statements were revealed in an interview with Rajeev Masand.

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However, Sidharth accepted the fact that if his work had been subject to remake even he would be pretty annoyed regarding the same. Thus, we can say that the actor believes that the outrage of the original composers, technicians and lyricists is absolutely valid. It is evident that the actor is thinking rationally about the controversy because it’s as simple as that. If anyone is recreating the same ideas and concepts which are completely alien to them emotionally, the original artists ought to have rage for the trend.

We can say that the audience is no more willing to welcome remixes with open arms but rather are infuriated with such releases. And coming down to an agreement, it is fair that even the actors expect to be a part of a project which is newly created for their screen space instead of relying on the old authentic versions. As an audience, new melodies only have space in their hearts. And considering an actor, he/she would be more excited and would be filled with zeal and zest to work on something new, something different.

It is now evident that everyone in the film industry right from actors to composers has been demanding the same thing; original ideas. And such a demand is only fair! The night nights spend on work should be benefitting only those who have actually lost their sleep over the project. And it should be this way!

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