Shoojit Sircar Expresses His Novel Concept That Masks In The Coming Future Will Be Used Like Any Other Fashion Accessory

Shoojit Sircar Expresses His Novel Concept That Masks In The Coming Future Will Be Used Like Any Other Fashion Accessory

Director of the movie “Piku”, Shoojit Sircar, took to his social media handle to express his novel idea with the help of the current situation going on; the coronavirus pandemic. He thinks that the face masks worn throughout different continents by people to protect themselves from the deadly coronavirus are soon to become a fashion accessory.

Just like belts, handbags, watches, jewelry, hats, scarves and sunglasses, people will think of face masks as an accessory and will show it off to their close ones. Imagine something like that happening! Face masks will be designed by companies for various occasions like weddings and birthdays. It sounds eerie, doesn’t it? Well, knows it can actually be the reality, who knows, only time will tell.

In today’s given situation, masks have definitely become the need of the hour, considering the gospel truth that the number of coronavirus cases across the globe, are shooting in only one direction; and that is up! With such escalating count, thinking of such a probability is not wrong, but rather innovative.

One of the director’s followers tweeted back saying that the news channels have confirmed that fashion giants all over the world including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry have already started to design protective clothing for the ones who can afford the brands even in the pandemic. Now, surely you can imagine the madness!

Shoojit Sircar, the well-known director never falls short of innovative ideas and stories not only when work is concerned but also while tweeting on his social media account. However, it seems that he is having fresh ideas in the lockdown keeping in mind his novel concept of face masks. We all can agree in unison that he has an amazing sense of humor too!

In one of his recent tweets, he also brought a unique idea into limelight saying that with the economic crises being hit to every part of the world. We all should consider taking the barter system into account by exchanging goods and services. He suggested his followers can give him vegetables, clothes and in return they can enjoy watching his movies. Sarcasm on point!

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While the entire country is facing lockdown and people are having anxiety attacks, the film director is doing his side of the job by ensuring that people at least have a good laugh on his tweet. Shoojit is clearly succeeding in his mission of keeping people happy.

Even in the past he is known for his light-hearted conversations and fun-witted answers filled with sarcasm. Apart from bringing new ideas to films, the film maker is also introducing new ideas and concepts to the manufacturing units across the globe.

Let’s just hope that his novel idea of face masks becoming a fashion statement is definitely not true. Very obvious that no one wants to see any of the face masks after the pandemic crises of the virus come to an end.

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