Salman Khan’s Strong Initiative To Cater Financial Needs Of 25,000 Industry Wage Earners

Salman Khan’s Strong Initiative To Cater Financial Needs

The dreamboat superstar of Bollywood Salman Khan has taken an initiative in order to help the daily wage earners of the mega-industry. Salman has vouched that he would undertake expenses of at least 25,000 daily wage workers from the industry due to the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The lockdown has forced these workers out of job and money; henceforth it is important that they are supported when needed the most. Strengthening the argument, Bollywood Khan has come forward with the wonderful initiative which is highly commendable.

A few workers have come forward and accepted the fact that they are doing fine and are financially stable hence the aid should be provided to only those workers who are worse hit and cannot even afford their daily expenditure.

The superstar will be transferring money in their bank accounts from next month to help the needy to sail their survival boat. Salman Khan’s manager Jordy Patel has confirmed the news on India TV regarding the same initiative and thus can be relied upon.

The Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) so far has received the bank details of around 19,000 daily wage earners and has been forwarded to the actor. In addition to this, 3,000 wage earners have already received an amount of 5000 rupees from Yash Raj Films, which is a genuine heartfelt help.

Thus, only 16,000 workers will be benefitted from the initiative made by the actor. Salman Khan agreed that he has started with the process and in no time the hard-working class will have money deposited in their bank accounts.

Until now, the FWICE has received help of 1.5 crore and more help has been promised by the producers guild. Once Salman Khan successfully transfers the money, it will be evaluated in the manner that maximum workers will be benefitted. It also pledges to identify more workers and then distribute it equally.

This gives way for the methods which should be thought upon in case the lockdown continues more than the estimated period. The spokesperson of Salman Khan was asked to comment regarding the initiative to which he replied, “We have started distributing money to all individual accounts of the daily wage workers as per list sent by federation about 18550 approx.”

Clearly, the Bollywood Khan has intuitions that the chaos created due to pandemic will not end soon and a number of workers will be left without any jobs. So it is pretty evident as to why the actor has promised that he will be transferring the money even next month so that the basic needs of the people are met.

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If required he will also cater money in the third month to help them all. This act of the actor is quintessential of the fact that he has a lot of respect and care for the people in his industry and will go to any odds to make sure that they are not neglected during crises like situation.

Apart from Salman Khan, other Bollywood actors such as handsome hunk AjeyDevgn and the well-renowned director Rohit Shetty have donated an amount of 5.1 crores. Father and son, Boney Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor have also donated their share of financial help to the organization.

The Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has also decided to support the cause and has promised to provide the essential ration to about 100,000 workers. The federation still did not receive any coupons as of yet but will definitely receive within three days.

These coupons will be most likely distributed in Karnataka, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. Thus, the actors represent an example of help when it is actually needed the most. Thanks to Bollywood for having such amazing personalities who have come forward without any request.

The federation said that they are yet to receive money from the biggest OTT platform, Netflix which has also promised to help the industry in the critical situation. Currently, the federation is helping the needy workers and is in the process of listing out the names of the workers who are not so financially stable and will begin transferring money as soon it is received from all the ends.

Overall, the 30 million received by the federation has been distributed to the workers in Maharashtra who are the worst hit by the pandemic. Also, more financial aid will be provided post-April 14 in different phases to keep accounting simple. The people in the industry portray the message that probably the world is definitely a better place to live.

Help to come from sources when expected the least counts as a blessing and the Bollywood superstars have not failed to prove it. Financial aid is surely a thing but these people have won hearts by providing heartfelt aid.

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