Salman Khan Comes Forward To Help The Vertically Challenged Artists Of Bollywood, Amid Lockdown

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Many Bollywood stars have come forward to help the daily-wage earners amid the coronavirus pandemic either financially or provided them ration. However, no one thought about the vertically-challenged community. On the other hand, Salman Khan decided to come forward and help the vertically challenged artists of the Bollywood industry.

The vertically challenged community was very surprised when bhaijaan of Bollywood came to their rescue because they were expecting all of this to happen at the least. Salman Khan successfully extended financial aid to each and every member of the All India Artiste Association.

The AIAA is a very significant wing of the Federation of the Western India Cine Employees and has been respected at all times.

Pravin Rana, a member of the same community came forward and told the media sources that they had a little idea of this financial aid. He and his entire community felt that nobody actually cares for them. He said that this is definitely not the first time that Salman Khan has stood up for them and there have been many instances in the past.

All of them were dumbstruck when they came to know that every individual has received the financial aid of Rs 3,000. No other actor has come forward to help them and especially at times like this all of them needed the support of the Bollywood industry.

Pravin Rana has worked with the actor in the blockbuster film, Bharat which was released in the year 2019. He revealed that even while shooting for the same film, Salman approached them and told them to reach him out whenever in trouble.

In this instance, the members of the vertically challenged community did not even reach out to him, and yet they received financial aid. Another member of the community, Shameem Ahmed told the media sources that the Bollywood actor promised the artists that he will help all of them in the coming months of lockdown since it looks like the situation will not end anytime soon.

Shameem worked with Salman as a circus artist in the film Bharat. Shameem was all emotional and accepted that the people in his community do not receive so much work on a daily basis and with the lockdown, their financial stream has been blocked.

There is not much that comes their way and in a situation like this, it is very difficult for them to feed their families. The entire community is very thankful for the initiative taken by the actor and FWICE for their support at all times. Salman Khan has not only helped them financially but also provided them ration amid the severe lockdown.

Furthermore, they have been promised a definite deposit for the next month as well. Such an act of the superstar definitely is an act of care and love. It is quite evident that the actor has enough respect for all the artists of the Bollywood industry and has never failed to showcase the same.

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