Watching Friends Web Series 4th Time In A Row: Things That Excites Me

Watching Friends Web Series 4th Time In A Row Things That Excites Me

FRIENDS’!!! Premiered their first episode 20 years back and in 2004 when they said goodbye to each other, everyone said goodbye to them with a weighty heart. However, I started watching it this year because one of my friends suggested to view it. It pretty much happens to me whenever I love listening to the song or something I like to eat. I will do it in repetition. But yes, once I get too much of it, I get bored and then I won’t do that thing for another few months or even years!

But OMG, my relationship with ‘FRIENDS’ is totally different! I would never get bored of watching ‘FRIENDS’, and I could watch it all over again and again. I must tell you this whenever I watch friends web series online again, It feels like I am watching it for the very first time! The characters from this American Sitcom show- Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Ross Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Phoebe Buffay, and Chandler Bing are like family.

Without any doubt, I can say that if someone asks me –mention the only one thing I would need to stay in my room for one month! I would hop from my bed and say my laptop with all 10 seasons of ‘Friends Series’ in it!

No matter how much I watch ‘FRIENDS’- I am never going to get bored with it. There is no episode, no season that I wouldn’t watch again and wouldn’t laugh again!

Things I Love About Friends Web Series

Remember when Phoebe said to Rachel that Ross is her lobster and enlightened her with the whole theory of lobster: I guess ‘FRIENDS’ TV show is my lobster the only thing I would love for the rest of my life!

And I am not just blabbering about it I have some pretty good reasons to watch it again and again.

It Always Feels Like Watching The Show ‘Very First Time’

Every time I watch the show it never feels like I am re-watching it, it feels like the very first time! The scenes or scenarios still make me laugh, sad and gasp. Remember when Ross says I take thee Rachel instead of I take thee, Emily, trust me I again gasp and laugh at it!

It Defines The Real Generation

While the other shows were busy showing stuff about ideal things. This show defined a real person in his 20s and 30s. Nobody is successful when they hit these years. The way characters have evolved is inspirational. Rachel was a spoiled brat in the first season.

Still, how she grew into an independent lady through the episodes, the transformation I mean was terrific!  Well, the show has depicted the mistakes that are bound to happen with any youngster, but they also have shown, how we can move on from our mistakes and lead a happy life!

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It’s A Timeless Show

FRIENDS was more than a TV show– it was the face of the hustling culture. It is something fresh and unusual as compared to the other shows. The show is not something that revolves around only the theme of love or friendship; it has everything in it.

It resonates with the youngsters so much that even the coming generations can watch it and really relate to the dilemmas faced by the characters in the series. I guess not every show has that kind of charisma and impact on the people, and this is the only reason FRIENDS will always remain a classic and evergreen for years to come!

It Celebrates Motherhood In Every Form

Other than giving us happiness and heartbreak Friends tv show watch online showcased the pregnancy of three leading ladies in a very different way. Phoebe was a surrogate mother for her brother and bore his triplets. In contrast, Rachel bore a child of her ex-boyfriend and decided to raise her as a single mother. In contrast, when Monica found out that she doesn’t have a hostile uterus, she decided to adopt the newborn twins.

Simple And Relatable Characters Are There

Don’t tell me you can’t find cleanliness freak, obsessive and formerly fat Monica, previously spoiled and latter independent girl, funny and lovable Chandler, intellectual and irritating Ross, childish and fun-loving Joey and hippie Phoebe in your real life.

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It Teaches That Best Friendships Are Meant To Be Cherished

The show tells us how friends become family as they will be with you through all the thick and thin. It also tells you that fights with friends are just a parcel of life and that shouldn’t stand between your relationship.

Although they might hurt you, there is no one else out there who will love you and understand you as much as they do. Also, falling in love with your best friend can never end in something worse, it can also be beautiful.

Tells Us That Ending Aren’t Bad

The sitcom show tells us that no matter what happens with you in your life or how much you go through in your life everything will end up on a happy note.

So, whatever you are doing keep on trying for the best and everything will be fine. Remember that everything that happens is always for good.

Wrapping Up!

See what I want to tell you guys is, there are so many reasons to watch the iconic FRIENDS again and again! And the theme song will keep welcoming you all over again and again.

You can also watch it on netflix too.

So, what’s your excuse to watch friends web series again and again? Drop them in comments and let everyone know about it.

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