Rashmika Madanna Says No To Shahid Kapoor Starrer ‘JERSEY’

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There is no surprise that fans were extremely excited when the Hindi remake of Jersey was announced. Just to get you in the loop, Jersey originally is a Telegu film starring Nani and Shraddha Srinath in the leading roles.

According to the reports by various news websites, the makers approached Shahid Kapoor for the lead role, and the shooting began successfully. The remake is said to be remade by Karan Johar and is supposed to be released on 28 August 2020.

If you don’t know the story of Jersey movie, it is about the ex-cricketer Arjun, who is 36-year-old and fights to get into the Indian cricket team. The plot also revolves around his love story with Sarah.

Now, here is the exciting fact, previously according to media reports, Rashmika Madanna, the South sensation, was offered the role to star along with Shahid, but she went on to reject the deal!

In a recent interview, Rashmika Madanna revealed with the prestigious publication that why did she turn down the offer. She said that she was getting all the opportunities because of the choices she has made until now in her film career. She also added that she doesn’t think that turning down the chance to work with Shahid Kapoor starrer Jersey remake would really be a wrong choice!

However, from her interview, it is easy to make out that there would have been a need for her to invest a lot as an actor in the remake of ‘Jersey.’  To prove her decision, she added that “Shahid Kapoor starrer Jersey remake would be a very realistic film, and I rejected it as I only want to do commercial films for the time being.

She also added that she did not agree to sign up for the Shahid Kapoor starrer as she may not end up doing justice to her role.

Rashmika Madanna did not stop here to justify herself; she went on and said that whenever she is the part of the film, it is because of the need to give herself into the film. She also added that she does not want to work in a movie where she is laid back.

Talking about Rashmika Madanna’s future endeavors, she will be seen starring along with Allu Arjun AA20

If you are also wondering like other fans who will be in the main female lead, then, there were rumors about various female actresses. But now all the stories died when Mrunal Thakur was roped into working along with Shahid Kapoor.

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