Rangoli Chandel Took Step Forward & Support A.R Rahman’s Battle Against “Masakali” Song Remake

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The Bollywood trend to remake movies and songs has gone for a toss. The fans of the glamorous industry no longer support the remakes. Given the statement, some of the celebrities have also shown their dissatisfaction with the idea of remaking songs and films without their legitimate consent.

Earlier, the heartthrob of the music industry and the music composer, A.R Rahman slammed the newly released song starring Sidharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria in the film Masakali 2.0. In no small measure has the song received a lot of attention but all for the wrong reasons? Now, even Rangoli Chandel, Kangana Ranaut’s sister has come forward in support of the music composer, without any guilt to slam the newly released song.

A.R Rahman’s original song in “Delhi 6” titled “Masakali”, which starred Sonam Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan has faced remake without any consent and since the release has been targeted by the social media trolls. A.R Rahman did not hesitate to slam the makers given the hard work he had put in the song many years ago. However, instead of brutally criticizing them he chose to give his response in a classy manner.

Meanwhile, Rangoli Chandel is known for expressing her thoughts without any filter, she slammed the makers of the new released song on her social media handle. In her lastest tweet she called the new release as ‘cheap atrocious copy’. She also wrote, “Nothing worse for an artist when his/her genius work violently taken from them turned in to a cheap atrocious copy and sold for dimwits low IQ audience, art must cultivate the audience to enjoy fine work not ruin fine work to suit tacky gawar audience…”

Masakali 2.0 song

In fact, many other celebrities including Rakesh Omprakash Mehra has come forward to support A.R Rahman. He even took to his twitter account to convey his displeasure against the new version of the original song. He wrote on his handle, “#Masakali #Delhi6 Created with love &passion an iconic song that has to be preserved. Beware of the re- mix, eardrums may get damaged.

One can confidentially say that the original song composed by A.R Rahman and lyrics by Prasoon Joshi will have an indelible imprint of the hearts of the audience. No remake can take the place of the original song which took hundred sleepless nights of the lyricist, music composer, musicians and writers.

The original song crooned by Mohit Chauhan is very close to the audience and A.R Rahman’s statement on the newly released version justifies how he and his team are not is pleased with the new version of the song. The fact that the original song received scores of overwhelming comments in its initial stage and five Mirchi Music Awards itself makes the fact clear that the team will not be tolerating unprofessionalism with it comes to their work. Hard work of many professionals is at stake; only time will tell whether the new version was actually worth the publicity.

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