Ram Gopal Verma Has Something Exciting Coming Up For His Fans, A Film Amid The Lockdown

Ram Gopal Verma Has Something Exciting Coming Up For His Fans, A Film Amid The Lockdown

Ram Gopal Verma never ceases to fail everyone; he has done something similar in this lockdown too. The filmmaker has surprised people with his movie which is based on the global pandemic. He recently released the trailer of his unexpected film, titles as “Coronavirus”.

The Telugu drama was actually filmed amid the nationwide lockdown. The filmmaker recently received shout out from the veteran actor, Amitabh Bachchan for his film. Big B took to his Twitter handle to tweet his deep-felt emotions, “The irrepressible Ram Gopal Varma, ‘Ramu‘ to many .. ‘Sarkaaar’ to me ..makes an entire film about a family in Lockdown, filmed during Lockdown ..Titled: CORONAVIRUS… Perhaps the first film to be made on the virus.”

The filmmaker told the media sources about his upcoming film and describes it as not a horror film. Coronavirus film deals with all the types of horrors filled in us. He also points out that the horror is flooded in the minds of politicians and bureaucrats as well and they know only as much as you do, which is really scary if thought properly.

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Ram Gopal Verma had earlier released the trailer of the film through his twitter account. He filmed the film amid the lockdown and took all the precautionary measures to make the film.

It seems like the filmmaker believes that nothing can stop his from his dream project. He challenged the virus and decided to film amid the pandemic. Rather, he literally took the idea of coronavirus for filming his next project, this shows the kind of vision he has for films.

You must be a thing, how did he manage to make the film but there are certain guidelines laid down by the government which should be followed by every means and violation of those guidelines can land up the filmmakers in trouble. This is not the first time such news has come up. Recently, R Balki and Akshay Kumar filmed a campaign for the Government of India and made sure that while filming all the necessary precautions were kept in mind.

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Some of the guidelines given by the government are Wash your hand and make sure everyone at the direction is sanitized. Gloves and masks are compulsory for the crew, the studio where the ad will be filmed needs to be sanitized every day, the temperature of the crew members must be checked at all cost, personnel will be appointed to ensure that the guidelines are followed, doctors and a nurse will be appointed for the same, an ambulance will always be on standby, the filming equipment must be disinfected at every cost, social distancing to be maintained and microphones to be used for talking, food will be distributed only with the help of taking away boxes and they must be disposable, set must be divided between certain zones, there shall not be any movement between all the zones, artist staff will not be allowed on the main set, no unnecessary artists must visit the set without permission, the artists must remain in the rooms when not required on the set and the member who will violate the terms will be removed from the team.

Thus, such measures taken by the government make it easier for the production houses to ensure safe and sound filming. Since the trailer has been launched the fans cannot wait for the film to be released. Let’s see what the filmmaker has got packed under the film based on the pandemic.

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Stay tuned for more updates.

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