Rahul Dholakia Tells Media Sources That Post Lockdown Filmmaking Business Will Be Very Expensive

Rahul Dholakia Tells The Media Sources That Post Lockdown The Filmmaking Business Will Be Very Expensive

Director Rahul Dholakia strongly believes that post lockdown the situation will change for filmmaking business. Once the lockdown is lifted the directors and the producers of the Bollywood industry will have to take care of listed things.

They will have to re-evaluate the manner in which the film sets will function in the coming future with so many people on board. They will have to focus on the sanitization to ensure that safety of the people is of the utmost importance.

Filming is definitely no joke; there are scores of people who are involved in the process of film making. There are so many departments with so many people.

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Every avenue has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and in no small measure, the Bollywood industry has suffered a lot too. The film industry has come to a halt and jobs have gone for a toss. The theatre, film, and TV productions have shut down their business keeping in mind the idea of social distancing and following the social norms given by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Such actions will definitely help to contain the coronavirus and the cases will reduce in no time.

In India, the filmmakers and producers have decided to cancel the slated schedules and postponed the date of the filmings. The film fraternity has taken the pandemic seriously just as it should be taken. In fact, most of the authorities decided to cancel the filming and take precautionary measures even before Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the first nationwide lockdown on March 24, 2020.

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Filmmaker Dholakia believes that it will be very necessary to sanitize the set after every one-day filming. Such a complete sanitization means that the budget of the film will spike 30% to 40% more than the usual budget. The spending on the film making process will be insanely expensive.

The filmmaker feels that more than ever before filmmaking will be very expensive to drill huge holes in the pockets of the filmmakers. The rules and guidelines for the new process of filmmaking will prove to be costly for the producers. Each day will start with sanitizing the set and end with sanitizing the sets again. Every day the temperature of each person needs to be checked to avoid the spread of the deadly virus.

Sanitizing that will take place in the near future will not just be limited to the people but even to all the things that will be present on the set. Anything that involves a touch of the human hand will have to be sanitized including all the props, costumes, and set.

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This procedure obviously has to take place on a daily basis and the expenses will pile up like crazy. Sanitizing the sets before and after the filmings would also mean extra shifts for scores of people. Thus, meaning extra people, extra equipment, and extra expenses. In a personal interview, the filmmaker revealed his thoughts on the filmmaking business post nationwide lockdown.

The “Raees” filmmaker told the media sources that in the coming future will have to lay down a proper plan before they can execute any action since it involves the risk of the spread of coronavirus. The staff with which each actor comes during the filming has to be cut down to avoiding overcrowding of people.

It will be very difficult to remove people from the technical crew, lighting crew, rehearsal crew, costumes crew, setting crew, and the other teams as well. However, someway has to be thought of to avoid too many people under one roof. Thus, it looks like compartmentalizing will take place and each department will come separately to do their work.

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Post lockdown will definitely be a great challenge for the entire film industry. the greatest challenge of all will be to convince people to come to the cinema halls and watch the film since scores of them will be avoiding to visit crowded places. In case, the audience decides to watch the film comfortably at their homes on the OTT platforms, then it might pose problems to the entire industry and the multiplex chains.

There might be cases where the audience will get fed up with watching the films on small screens and would want to experience the screenplay on a large screen but probably they will be taken aback by social distancing.

Since so many people are indoors and are stuck to their OTT platform, most of them would not even have a problem to watch the films on the small screen considering the risk they will encounter if stepped outside.

Concerned about health, the audience will not be so pleased to come out in public spaces like a film theatre. There is simply too much risk involved just to watch a film. It looks like only the movie buffs will be willing to take that kind of risk! Maybe not, only time will tell? This means that it will take plenty of time for the Bollywood industry to generate enough revenue from making films and that is a huge challenge.

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The filmmaker also believes that the Indian audience can do away with the traditional idea of intervals, which lead to a solid narrative. Thus, the theatre owners may decide not to have the intervals at all. In such a case, probably the theatres will receive a great response.

This means that the narrative of the film will be much crispy and the screenplay of the film will be much better with the absence of the intervals. Storytelling will have another path and people will look forward to it.

The films will finally have a proper structure just like the films on OTT platforms have. This would also mean that the films will become way shorter, probably even one and a half hours. Absence of intervals would ensure the safety of people and it would also mean a better and new scope for the filmmakers.

Rahul Dholakia said that the pandemic has surely going to change the lives of people, their likes and dislikes, and their habits. The storyteller will have to keep the idea of social distancing before penning down the ideal script.

The filmmaker also said with subtle humor that he is currently penning down a film and there is a scene where the boy tightly hugs the girl but is that scene possible keeping in mind the idea of social distancing? This idea has made writing very limited since the writers need to think of the concepts which can actually take place in real.

The director ended the interview by saying, “The world is changing and we will have to adapt to it accordingly. This is unfortunately an event which is changing the lifestyle of people.” 

It’s pretty obvious that what the filmmaker said actually made sense. This is what the future of the Bollywood industry looks like. All the films will have to be filmed with great precautionary measures, the budget of the films will increase crazily and it is not even promised whether scores of people will actually watch the film in the theatres.

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