Poker Reality Shows Are The New Hook For Large Audiences

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Although reality TV reached its greatest fame in the early 2000s, this attention-grabbing entertainment format was in the works since the 1970s. Titles like The Simple Life or The Osbournes still remain in the collective memory, for that moment when celebrities did not have the chance to publish about their lives on social networks, that was the only way to have contact with their daily lives.

Currently, the landscape for reality shows has changed a lot. It is no longer simply about showing “how famous people live”, but it has become a format capable of taking the public to know different environments first-hand, including one of the most interesting board games of recent times: poker.

For this reason, we have chosen three TV shows that you must watch if you are curious about this world or are just one of the biggest fans of this game.

1. The Player Hunt

In India, poker is one of the most popular card games today. So it’s no wonder online reality shows like this one gets a lot of attention. One of the strategies they implement in order to increase their audience is by expectation, that is, announcing the participants, but without giving complete details about the types of poker that are going to be played.

Thus, in its most recent edition it was announced that Rannvijay Singh would be one of the protagonists, but without revealing if he would play Teen Patti, as detailed in this article. A great way to get noticed as it is a much-loved game in India, not only because it is native to this country, but because it has become a modern icon of culture.

2. Living the Life

The contrast between someone who doesn’t know how to play, versus an expert, is a triumphant mix. And this is the case with this reality show in which viewers will be able to see the adventures of two beautiful women who travel the world playing on the international poker circuit.

Trishelle Cannatella and Amanda Kimmel are in charge of presenting the most glamorous side of poker tournaments. Ultimately, it is about expanding the world of poker with all that this implies, and this show is about showing a different angle from what is already known.

3. The Big Day

And Netflix, the great company that has managed to surpass Hollywood in television productions, could not be left behind in this trend. The Big Day shows the life of Aditya Wadhwani, the best-known professional poker player in India and producer of poker-related TV shows. In this production, it is shown how his life goes days before his wedding.

If you are a fan of poker and do a little more research, you will surely find more reality shows related to this fascinating world. Here we have only reviewed the ones that seem most attractive to us, but we are sure that you will find many more that will make you consume kilos of popcorn.

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