Parineeti Decides To Collect Funds For The Daily Wage Earners Through A Virtual Coffee Date

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Amid the lockdown, the stunning actress Parineeti Chopra took a very responsible step in order to raise funds for the ones who are in desperate need, the wage earners. With the idea of going on a virtual date with her fans, she will generate funds and will then feed the families of approximately one thousand daily wage earners. This initiative will ensure that at least four thousand people from those families are able to handle their expenses and feed themselves.

There are millions and millions of poor daily wage earners who have lost their livelihood to the coronavirus pandemic. These people are the ones who are having a hard time, since they have no access to clean food and ration amid the country lockdown. They obviously live in small clusters and are unable to keep their loved ones safe.

Thus, the gorgeous actress Parineeti Chopra of the Bollywood industry has come forward and decided to raise funds for the mission initiated by Give India.

The ration kits that will be provided under this initiative will have all the essential items to cook food, which will be delivered to the most crises affected areas of the country. The ration kits will consist of staple items including sugar, oil, dal, salty, rice, tea, masala, aata, and much more.

The ration provided will be enough to feed a family with four members. The food kits under this campaign will be distributed to families across four states including, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, and Bihar. Since this cause is very noble, the A.T.E Chandra Foundation has also decided to join hands with Parineeti and cater food to the needy.

Around twenty-five percent of the total donation value, which will be collected, will be added by this foundation. Thus, this will multiply the impact of this cause and feed several other families.

Parineeti is undertaking this noble initiative along with Arjun Kapoor’s little sister Anshula, who has her own Fankind charity. Her charity definitely has a lot of reach, so the platform is absolutely apt for this cause.

Clearly, there are millions of daily wage earners who are still not able to meet their daily needs because they have been thrown out of the job. This coronavirus crisis has put them and their families at high risk and there is little what they can do about the horrid situation. Thus, this step taken by Fankind, GiveIndia, Chandra Foundation, and Parineeti is definitely a great help to the poor families.

In order to donate to this social cause, all you need to do is just log on to the and donate the amount which will give you a chance to have a virtual date with the actress. The funds collected will help to cater food to those who are in need of immediate help. The donation content will be open for seven days, which has already started on May 6, 2020.

The actress comments that no one in this country should sleep without eating a proper meal and thus believes that it is her duty to do her bit and help the needy. The uniquely crafted date with Parineeti will also give a chance to all her fans to interact with her, meaning a lot of funds can be raised through this simple donation.

There will be five lucky winners who will be chosen and the actress will have a cute conversation with all of them. Thus, this initiative of joining hands together was the need of the hour to help the fellow brother and sisters of this country.

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