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The US-based OTT platform, Netflix has launched the trailer of the novel series ‘Betaal’, which has been co-produced by the Bollywood King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan. Red Chillies Entertainment has produced the series which revolves around a remote village and its inhabitants who are involved in unleashing the army of red-clothed zombies. 

The main mission occurs when it becomes necessary to displace the inhabitants of the Campa forest, who join hands to build a concrete highway. The natives happen to stumble upon the curse of the horrid Betaal Mountain. The curse unleashes a battalion of zombies!

Web Series Cast

The series stars Vineet Kumar, Suchitra Pillai, Manjiri Pupala, Aahana Kumra, Jitendra Joshi, and Syna Anand. The series has been directed by the very talented Patrick Graham, who is very well known for his directional skills in the horror series Ghoul. Red Chillies earlier produced a web series starring Emraan Hashmi, which makes Betaal the second collaboration project of Netflix and Red Chillies Entertainment.

Story or Plot

The story of Betaal basically revolves around the colonial era, where a village becomes a battleground of a British Indian Army Ofiicer Betaal, his army of zombies and the Indian police. The police force is unable to rescue the villagers, which makes the villagers feel helpless being trapped in the battlefield.

Apart from this novel series, there have been many Indian origin series which has received a positive response from the Indian audience. Jamtara which was based on youngsters getting involved in phishing and highlighting the crimes of the modern era even received a good response. The list was made interesting by ‘Taj Mahal 1989’, ‘She’ and later by ‘Hasmukh’.

Coming back to the Netflix series Betaal web series it has been produced by Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Television, SK Global Entertainment, and Ivanhoe Productions. The trailer so far has promised a haunting story and the landscapes for the trailer seems eerie too. The natives of the village surely have a very creepy and familiar look.

In an interview with the media sources, the director of this new series, Patrick Graham said that after working for the series Ghoul, he wanted to create a horror series with a very novel concept. He said that the mountains shown in the trailer, that particular concept has been taken from the Indian Mythology. He seemed that the idea of zombies in vintage red coats could be really cool concerning the popular fiction.

The series is not just based on ghosts; it also has ample of action and suspense to keep the audience on the cliff-hanger. He further accepted that Netflix has always been very accepting when it came to creative and novel ideas. He enjoys working with the OTT platform for it gives him freedom of nurturing. He feels that this series will promise the suspense, horror and thriller which the Indian audience is looking for.

Betaal Series Trailer


From the trailer it seems that there will be a lot drama, emotional roller-coaster ride and suspense to keep the audience hooked at the edge of their seats.

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