Money Heist Season 4 La Casa De Papel Has More To Offer

Money Heist Season 4 La Casa De Papel Has More To Offer
A Still From Official la Casa De Papel Season 4 Trailer

After the wait for 9 months, the 4th season of La Casa De Papel’s aka Money Heist is finally out! The third season was exceptionally amazing and successful, the fourth season is now out and is worth watching every minute.

Just to give you a recap of what happened in the previous season, as per Berlin’s (Pedro Alonso) dream heist plan the Professor’s (Alvaro Morte) gang break into the Bank of Spain. Also, they wanted to do this heist because they want to rescue Rio (Miguel Herran).

Unfortunately, the plan fails as police mess up with them and the Professor is surrounded by threats. Here is where the 3rd season ends where Professor ends up in a shock thinking that cops have executed Raquel, which was a fake encounter. Whereas, in the Bank, Nairobi was fighting for life and death after being injured with a bullet. Holly Molly they all are in a pickle!

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Now, here is where the makers have left the season 3 hanging. The fourth season is picked up from here, in the fourth season Professor is shown shattered and heartbroken because he is under the impression that Raquel has been killed by the police. On the other hand, other gang members are trying their best to save Nairobi. Don’t worry we will not give you the spoiler here!!

Gandia, the bodyguard, somehow manages to take over the gang. Now, as we know, police haveProfessor’s key gang member Raquel, they try to dig out information from her.

From previous seasons you must have been appreciating Palermo’s impulsive behavior, how he doesn’t give a shit about anything around him but this time his arrogant behavior has cost a lot the Dali gang members.

In the first three seasons Professor always had a plan now matter if things may go down the hill or are fucked up, he always had something for a backup. Although in the third season his plans have gotten messed up but still in very less time he has come up with few strategies. As the heist was Berlin’s plan, the procedures were limited to what he has told the Professor.

So, unlike earlier, there is nothing that we are going to see that can help the Professor to think something robust and constructive. Also, the inspector is entirely in a mood to shoot the Professor.

The fourth season is full of action pack drama, and Alexa Pena has maintained the thrill throughout the season. Now, let us inform you that the whole season is filled with dramatic sequences that will surely send shivers down your spine and there will be heart-breaking scenes. There is so much happening in the season that sometimes it may overwhelm you and will definitely leave you curious that what is going to happen next!

Coming to the performances of the actors, Alvaro Morte is just phenomenal as the Professor as he has been from the beginning of the first season. Morte previously very sorted and later the one who wants to destroy the whole world, has totally nailed the season. His character has a lot of conviction, remains calm but thinks rationally.

The ending of Money Heist season 4 is just like that lousy omen telling us that bad is yet to come for our beloved Professor. Also, we suggest that you must start watching season 4 now before social media is full of spoilers. Because season four is so exciting that fans are not ready to keep calm on social media and are already demanding for Money heist season 5.

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