Madhuri Dixit Walks Down The Memory Lane Of The Hit Song ‘Ek Do Teen’

Madhuri Dixit Walks Down The Memory Lane Of The Hit Song - Ek Do Teen

The entire nation stressed in the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic was relieved when the gorgeous dancing diva, Madhuri Dixit took to her social media handle to deliver a few fun facts about her hit item song ‘Ek Do Teen’ while chatting with her fans. She walked down the memory lane to reveal that the actual shooting of the song was accompanied by a crowd of one thousand people.

The rehearsals of the ‘Dhadak girl’ had already begun 10-15 days prior to the real shoot and the song was special to be witnessed by a thousand fans. Madhuri Dixit tweeted on her handle that her followers can shoot any questions that make them scratch their head which is related to the song. She also asked them to share their experience and memories related to the song she was starred in.

The hook step of the dance became popular to the extent that it is quite shocking how the audience demanded the song to be replayed even before the movie could be continued in the theatres. Her fans would also fling the currency of the screens which is evidence of how much carried away they got by the hit song.

Madhuri tweeted that after the release of the song everyone began calling her Mohini instead of her actual name and she was identified with the character even later. She revealed that the song brought back a plethora of memories connected to the song. The beautiful actress wrote on her social media handle, “I didn’t know that the song would get so popular. But it definitely feels great that it did!”

It is pretty obvious that the male version of the song was shot only because the original version had become so much popular amongst her fans. It was probably the first time something of this sort took place in the Bollywood industry. The hit song was featured in the film Tehzaab in 1988 which declared Madhuri’s fame in the Bollywood industry.

The catchy-vibe music was originally composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal and the industry witnessed its remake in the film Baaghi 2, starring Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani. The character Mohini was played by the stunning Jacqueline Fernandez and the song was crooned by the nightingale Shreya Ghoshal. The song became so famous that it was again recreated in Ameesha Patel’s Desi Magic.

The original song gained so much of popularity due to her captivating facial expressions and the hookup step of the dancing diva. Her beautiful pink glittery costume grasped the attention of her fans which made her look like a sizzling candy stick.

The set was also beautifully staged which received many positive responses at that time. The popularity which she gained because of the song was commendable; every producer was willing to star-cast the gorgeous superstar in their film.

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The iconic song definitely became a life-changing event for the ‘Dhadak Girl’ and a game-changer for the Bollywood industry. The actress is one of her interviews recalls her experience saying, “I think the first taste of success I had was when I landed at the airport (after Tezaab). I came out and there were these little street urchins who come and clean your car and suddenly one of them said, ‘hey that’s that ‘Ek Do Teen’ MohiniMohini’ girl and they came running and I was like I got recognized you know and I signed my first autograph for them.”

The lyrics of the hit song are very simple yet convey many emotions. It captures the beauty and desperation of a lover counting days before she meets the love of her life. When the song is connected to story of the film it conveys even a greater meaning.

The exuberance factor of the song has been rightly justified by the singer Alka Yagnik. Since the song marked the glamorous entry of the actress it will always be one of the most beloved songs in the history of the Bollywood industry.  

However, when such beautifully composed songs turn into songs which are just for the male society to gaze, it becomes very disrespectful. The original song has a lot of sentimental and nostalgic feelings attached and when the track is reworked with, it simply loses its element.

The song featured in Tehzaab brings out her character where Mohini’s father snatches her hard earned money to refill his alcohol glasses. Thus, the song ‘Ek Do Teen’ marks the entry of the actress in the film who decides to become an entertainer. It performance marks her entry as a dancer in the film and conveys it rightfully to the audience.

The audience in no small measure is thankful for the exuberant song that Bollywood has gifted and it is further righty justified by the elegant dance of the gorgeous actress.

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