Actress Kirti Kulhari Talks About How ‘Four More Shots Please’ Has Changed Her As An Individual

Actress Kirti Kulhari Talks About How ‘Four More Shots Please’ Has Changed Her As An Individual

Kirti Kulhari, the actress in the Amazon series Four More Shots Please has revealed that the second season of the stunning web series had an ardent impact on her personal life. Kirti has played the role of Anjana, who is a lawyer by profession and a single mother battling her way out through anxiety in the not-so-accepting society. The actress claims that she personally is in love with the show and not because she is a part of the casting team but because the message portrayed is very loud and clear for the entire feminist gang out there.

The actress feels that she has begun questioning everything in her life, every aspect of her life. She successfully dropped things which simply did not make any sense to her. Even though she ended up turning the person she never thought she would, but the kind of conditioning she is receiving as a person after changing is beyond words.

When she became a part of the show, she felt it was important to raise questions about her own ideologies and the belief system she stands upright for. The actress has clearly become more open to choices than before and also open to the people who choose their own freedom.

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The actress came forward and accepted that she is no more the judgmental person she used to be because clearly she has realized that behind every choice there is a hidden story about which nobody is aware of.  Isn’t it true everyone has their own share of ups and downs so we should take pride in it!

The stunning actress feels that she has become very comfortable in her sexuality but also dropped part of her personality which she felt were not good enough. It’s quite surprising how one single project can shower you with so many beliefs and sprinkle confidence for who you are as a person. Kirti feels much freer as both an actor and an individual. She has no shame in accepting the kind of person she is when she’s alone or even when surrounded by people.

It seems that in the second season of the Amazon series, the character demanded emotional depth. Her energies were being channelized in the strong character that she was playing and demanded more involvement than the first season. There is always a script to help you with the character however; the emotional quotient is not something that is taught. You need to drive in all the energies towards becoming the character you are asked to become.

And even if a character does not hold any emotional challenge then what is even the fun right? The main challenge is to show the audience that the actor is capable of taking roles that demand so much of them hence, playing such intense characters works as a life-changer for the actors, just the way Four More Shots Please worked for Kirti Kulhari.

The stunning seasons of the Amazon series has been directed by Nupur Ashtana and Anu Menon. A few new actors are involved in the second season including Prateik Babbar, Milind Soman, Simone Singh, Amrita Puri, Lisa Ray,and Neil Bhooplalam.

It is quite evident that the feminist show has empowered women to think about themselves for a change. The show highlights the fact that it’s okay to not be okay with something that society forces you to do. It is okay to be a single mother, it is okay to go through a divorce, it is okay to get drunk with friends once in a while and it is completely okay to gift yourself with a vacation.

The show has also changed the definition of friendship where you do not just make friends when it’s convenient for you but also stick for their troubled ass when things go wrong.

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