Will Kareena Kapoor Play The Role Of Stripper In Veere Di Wedding Sequal, What Did Rhea Kapoor Mean By Her Statement?

Will Kareena Kapoor Play The Role Of Stripper In Veere Di Wedding Sequal

The lovely actress Kareena Kapoor Khan and the gorgeous Rhea Kapoor seem to bond very well and this has been noticed during the shoot of the film, “Veere di Wedding”. The bond between the beautiful ladies is very strong and is pretty much evident from their social media handles with their personal photos and videos. Both of them were last seen together in their most candid selves on the show “What Women Want”, which is basically a radio show.

At the end of Bebo’s talk show, she played a fun game with Rhea Kapoor wherein the latter was supposed to mention the most suitable profession for the Kapoor family members. When Bebo asked about her own self, Rhea replied that she would be best suited as a stripper.

To which the witty actress replied that she thinks that Rhea should instead take the role. Rhea’s further response to Bebo was rather shocking! She said that it is final Kalindi in the film Veere Di Wedding Part 2 will be playing the role of a stripper. Is it actually true? Will Bebo play the role defined by the producer-stylist?

It seemed that conversation could not get a rest and Bebo immediately replied that Rhea was a typical Exhibitionist because she always wants some skin to be seen and prompts to wear sleeveless. To which Rhea replied that she is proud to be the one who asks the actress not to be so covered up. After a series of word battle, Kareena concluded that Rhea Kapoor can definitely be a stripper.

In one of the live sessions which were held by Rhea Kapoor on her Instagram handle, the producer-stylist revealed that she is actually considering the sequel of the film, Veere Di Wedding. She thinks it will take place and it will take place sooner than what everyone expects.

However, considering the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic it is very obvious that the entire schedule will be postponed and it will take time to see Kalindi Puri on the screen. Talking about the first part, it is very definite that Rhea wanted Kareena Kapoor to be a part of this film because the producer-stylist waited for Kareena to deliver her baby boy and come months later after post-pregnancy.

The film was released in the year 2018 and received a lot of positive response. It is quite exciting about what the producer has next in line with the concept of the sequel. Only time will tell, until then for those who haven’t watched the first part yet, go and enjoy the film on-screen to miss your girls more than ever before.

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