All IObit Software To Optimize PC/Laptop Performance

IObit Software To Optimize PC and Laptop Performance

Plenty of methods are available to optimize pc speed. However, some methods do not work much and you only see a minor improvement in the performance.

Tweaks to speed up pc performance:

  • Defragmenting hard drives.
  • Cleaning up waste files.
  • Delete clutters.
  • Adjusts computer screen visuals.

You can either optimize pc manually or automatically. Most of us will prefer to optimize pc automatically.

In this article, we will tell you about some pc optimization software from IObit. Both freemium and premium versions are available. You can choose any of them depending upon the features and requirements.

If you haven’t updated to the latest version of windows, then do check our guide to download windows 10 free and install it.

Iobit optimization softwares to tweak pc performance

1. IObit Uninstaller

IObit uninstaller helps to uninstall the computer programs along with their residual leftovers. Along with cleaning the remaining folders, it also deletes unnecessary registry keys.

Other than this, you can also remove browser extensions and toolbars also. And, It also comes with a software updater which reminds you to update installed PC applications in a single click.

IObit Uninstaller is also capable of removing pre-installed bloatware (Windows 10 Apps) and delete their leftovers too.

It is available as a freemium and primum versions. The free version will simply uninstall the applications or pre-installed apps but without cleaning the leftovers.

IObit uninstaller premium version do in-depth analysis for any leftovers and uninstalls completely. Also, it reverses the changes made by the uninstalled App and brings the original settings.

Also, it monitors and records the changes made by the application installed or removed. You can remove all kinds of plugins, toolbars, stubborn programs, bloatware, and bundled programs with the premium version. Automatic updates and free 24×7 technical support on-demand are available.

Iobit Uninstaller Free v/s Premium Version

FeaturesFree VersionPro Version
Uninstall Programs
Delete Bundled Programs and Plugins
Remove Stubborn Programs
Removes Malicious Plugins
Removes Adware Plugins
Uninstall Preinstalled Windows Apps
Uninstall Windows Apps Without Admin Account
Thorough Scanning And Remove Leftovers
Auto Scan remaining Leftovers
Install Monitor (Monitors Changes Made During Program Installation)
Revert System Changes Made By Any Uninstalled Program
Auto Remove Leftovers Which Cannot Be Deleted
1 Click Update Programs
Auto-update IObit Uninstaller
24/7 Free Technical Support on Request

2. Smart Defrag

IObit Smart Defrag works similar to the conventional windows defragmenter and drive optimizer but in a more powerful and efficient way. It not only defragments the files but also prioritizes them accordingly to access them fast.

This defragger also defrags the page files, hibernation files, MFT, and system files to increase the boot-up performance. However, this process is performed when the system boots-up as system files which are in use cannot be defragged.

Apart from this, the software also has a game optimizer that defrags the game’s files and folders so that it runs in an efficient manner.

IObit smart defrag premium version gives more power to the system. The pro version of smart defrag also defrags the registry files. Other premium feature is Intelligent Disk Boost that enables DMA (Direct Memory Access) for better disk performance and increases available space for disk cache to lower disk read-write frequency. You can enable this feature from the settings (pro version).

Smart Defrag Free v/s Premium Version

FeaturesFree VersionPro Version
Defrag HDD
Optimize or Trim SSD
Registry Defragmentation
Boot Time Defrag For Quick System Startup
Access Files Up to 200% Faster
Auto Defrag Selected Files and Drives
Customized Defragmentation on Startup
Direct Memory Access To Boost Disk Performance
Game Optimizer
Auto-update Smart Defrag
24/7 Free Technical Support on Request

3. Advance Systemcare

IObit Advance Systemcare is a system optimizer software that performs various tasks to find any pc problems and fixes them in a single click. It features various tools that can turn your slow pc into a fast pc.

Systemcare free version removes clutters present on the drives, fix registry keys problems & disk errors, defragging hard disks, remove spyware (cleans hidden spyware, and protects pc on browsing).

Additionally, the pro version performs deep cleaning of the registry files, improves internet speed, and update important programs in a click.

In comparison with the free version, the pro version improves startup speed by 200% and the internet speed by 300%. In addition, many small tools are available in the pro version to increase pc performance.

Advance Systemcare Free v/s Pro Version

FeaturesFree VersionPro Version
Basic Optimization And Clutter Cleaning
Fix Disk Error In 1 Click
AI Mode For Intelligent Scanning And Optimization
Deep Cleaning Registry
Defrag Hard Drive
Auto Clean RAM
Auto Optimize When Idle
Real-time System Condition Monitor
1 Click Auto-Update Programs
Improve Startup Speed
Improved Internet Speed
Basic Protection & Spyware Remover Tool
Deep Scan & Remove Infections
Email Protection
Web Browsing Protection
Firewall Protection
Intruder Detection With Face ID When Someone Tries To Login
Auto-Update Advance Systemcare
On Demand 24/7 Technical Support

4. Driver Booster

Drivers are an essential part of a computer system which makes all hardware run correctly.

For this work, there is nothing best than IObit Driver Booster. It updates each and every driver present on your PC. This Driver Booster deeply scans the system, checks for outdated drivers, and then displays the list of outdated drivers along with their available updates and release date. IObit driver booster only shows WHQL approved drivers only.

You can update all drivers with a single click. On the other hand, Driver Booster Pro version gives more additional features. The most important one is the backup option which back-ups all drivers so that in the future if you get any error or problem with the new driver you can easily restore it.

Also, A driver error fixer is unlocked in the Pro version with which you can find and fix any hardware related problem with the driver.

IObit Driver Booster Free v/s Premium Version

FeaturesFree VersionPro Version
Scan Outdated Drivers Automatically