Hulk Could Transform Into Greatest Villain Of Avengers – Marvels Theory Suggests

Marvel Theory Suggests That There Are Chances Hulk Could Transform Into The Greatest Villain Of Avengers

A novel Marvel Theory revealed by a fan suggests a theory that the villain of much-awaited film Avengers’ fifth part could be Hulk. The theory suggested by the fan is put forward is based on a comic book titled World War Hulk. In the comic book, the green man becomes resentful and starts to dislikes his allies.

He has grudges against Tony Stark and Doctor Strange and vouches to take both of them down. The Incredible Hulk has been played by Bruce Banner and has shown the character has encountered the other characters plenty of times. In the second film of Avengers, Bruce is confided by Tony about his Ultron-goof up. In the film, Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange notices Bruce on his doorstep after the ally is defeated by Thanos.

The theory of the fan was posted on Reddit and suggested that when Bruce loses Natasha Romanoff in the last part of Avengers: End Game, and is not even given any credit for defeating Thanos even after his contributions seems to be forgotten.

Tony takes the entire credit for defeating the villain and Hulk is the one who gets chosen for wearing the prototype gauntlet. The gauntlet was designed by Stark. The theory says that Hulk resents Tony for not receiving the credit and loses Natasha, which becomes the reason for him becoming the villain.

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Both the 40 plot lines head in the same direction and have been brought into the limelight in the World War Hulk comics. There is a strong probability that the hero might turn into a villain in the fifth part of the Avengers.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, writers of Avengers have told the media sources that Bruce may or may not be in control with the kind of character he is playing. His persona is not even close to being calm and is driven by anger at all times.

After snapping the finger, he found himself in the Soul World and faced Bruce. The duo writer has penned down such instances. A conversation between the Smart Hulk and Banner was almost planned but the scene did not reach the camera.

After the statement revealed by the writers it seems as if they had such an idea where the hero would become the villain due to certain elements. Let’s wait and see what the fifth part actually has for us.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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