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Special OPS, the Hotstar series was the much-awaited series of the year, for the audience was expecting it to be a brilliantly crafted thriller. Neeraj Pandey, being the man behind penning down the series along with Benazir Ali and the talented Deepak Kingrani, the audience was expecting the series to be packed with great twists to keep them off the edge. However, the series has not managed to generate much interest due to the pace of the story; it is overstretched. The damage seems to be more than the benefits.

Special OPS is a series that is full of predictable plans, dramatic slow-motion scenes, zero rationalism, and poor screenplay. However, this does not mean that the series has nothing good at all. The first episode of the series gives us the nostalgia of the Old Delhi, similar to the set of Special 26.

The predictable cat and mouse chase in the series have been executed well. The plot is written well and the suspense ride is accompanied by punches and fights. Basically, the beautiful location adds up to the richness of the scenes.

It revolves around an officer who is true to his duty and does not fear to do what is morally and professionally correct. He is not afraid of his seniors or even the undercover agents. The series has engaging interrogations, special code words, and even real-life inspired events; despite all of this the series has lacked to create a positive imprint on the minds of the audience.

When the series reaches the cliff of climax, a temporary vibe of the thrill is in the air, however, it vanishes away as soon as the obvious tricky questions are not answered and keep the audience wondering about a few instances.

The music in the Hotstar special has some engaging music, which probably was approved to divert the audience from the truth. But then it brings us back to the screen where unnecessary fighting scenes seem irrational.

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The series is wrapped around a character called Himmat Singh, which is played by Kay Kay Menon. The character of the RAW officer is not at all scared to defy the orders of his seniors in order to serve his country. He faces an internal inquiry and is asked to compensate for the same amount, which he happened to pay from the government funds. The entire process of the audit inquiry after a point of time becomes very tiring.

It is in the inquiry that the protagonist reveals that there is a man named Ikhlaq Khan who was responsible for the Parliament attack, 2001. Many people do not believe the fact that a person like that actually exists hence Himmat begins with the journey to find traces of that man. In this process, he appoints 5 undercover agents to track him; these agents are spread in different parts of the globe.

The agents in the series are, Karan Tacker as Farooq Ali , Vipul Gupta as Balakrishna Reddy, Meher Vij as Ruhani Syed Khan, Avinash as Muzzamil Ibrahim and Saiyami Kher as Juhi Kashyap. Throughout the eight episodes, Farooq has acceptable screen time however; the other four agents do not. It seems like they have been placed just to increase the number of characters in the series, which another example of poor execution.

Meanwhile, Kay Kay Menon has successfully given his best performance. The character demands a lot of patience which has been brilliantly executed by the actor. The flow of emotions in his acting and expressions on his face is what keeps the audience a little engaged. He is also depicted as a good husband but has issues with his wife. He is an overly protective father who chooses to defy his limits and has trust issues when it comes to his teenage daughter Pari. The kind of spotlight that the character has received has been made justice to by the talented actor.

Actor Karan Tacker too has done a good job as an agent and has captured the screen with his charm. He has proven his worth on the OTT platform even when his character demanded a lot of pressure bearing. However, the chemistry of Sana Khan and Karan does not seem to be sizzling and appealing. Whereas the Muzzamil and Saiyami have a weird sense of awkwardness between them due to their history, but what exactly happened and what was the reason for their awkward vibe has not been addressed even once.  The rest of the star cast has done quite a justice to their roles when it comes to support the story.

It is also difficult to analyze at times that whether the show is depicting the past or the present. The only indicator is the protagonist’s moustaches to mark difference between the two time zones, which is not enough because Himmat Singh is not even included in many scenes. Furthermore, at one point the location is Dubai then Baku and then out of nowhere Istanbul. The frequent change of settings is quite messy and too much for the audience to intake.

The action scenes in the series do not look authentic and lack rationalism however; the thrills at one point make it up for the mistakes. We can conclude that Neeraj Pandey’s series is not so much engaging as it was expected to be. The unwrapping of the concept has not been in a proper manner and it is alarming for the audience since Neeraj is known for the film, ‘A Wednesday’ and the movie was beautifully executed. Definitely this project was not expected from Neeraj.

However, if during the quarantine period you have the time and patience to actually watch the dragged thriller series, you should go ahead. The first five episodes are very slow but the pace has been leveled up in the last three episodes. The characters are what keep the audience a little engaged because they are a little relatable.

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