Hollywood Films To Begin Filming With Virtual Technology, Amid The Global Pandemic!

Hollywood Films To Begin Filming With Virtual Technology, Amid The Global Pandemic

With the global pandemic halting all the business around the world, filmmakers of the Hollywood industry have come up with the novel idea of digitally recreating the landmarks and historical sets for virtual filmmaking. The filmmakers are completely dependent upon the latest advances of the video games, which allow on-location filming by projecting real-imagery.

The team of filmmakers of the Hollywood industry are preparing for all the virtual assets so that filming outdoors can become much easier. Obviously only a limited number of people will be involved in the project to practise the idea of social distancing.

Sam Nicholas, who is the chief executive of StarGate Studios, has recently told the media sources that his Pasadena based company has joined hands with the creators to redefine the idea of virtual sets, making filmmaking easier amid the pandemic.

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Hollywood industry has faced a lot of trouble with so many people being thrown out of jobs and schedules getting posted. The halted work has resulted in filmmakers looking forward to make films in the best possible way. Thousands of members of the film crew have been out of work and thus Sam has decided to resort to reboot the TV shows and films.

Many people have predicted that the making of films will not come to normal anytime soon and health crises will worsen. However, this does not mean that the producers and filmmakers simply sit and wait for the pandemic to go away. Sam has come up with the novel idea of virtual filming to not only save the crew from risks but also lessen the budget of the film.

Nicholas prompts the use of advanced tools to bring in jobs and make the Hollywood functional even amid the pandemic. He also told the media sources that he feels that the advanced tools are so much better concerning the cost, efficiency and time. In no small measure, virtual production will soon be a thing post-pandemic and people will realise how efficient and convenient this is.

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Virtual production will prove to be one of the best ways as a safe alternative for the physically making of the films. This way none of the lives will be at any risk and the crew will have lots of work to do at the same time. Protocols would want the filmmakers and their teams to stay safe within their households and wait for the pandemic to come to an end.

However, this will not go away so soon, the only option in front of the Hollywood industry is virtual production and it really seems to have a lot of benefits. Creative freedom cannot be curtailed anytime and this advanced tool has proved the same. Unique scenes will come up with this novel method and will pave way towards the future.

The producers of the Hollywood industry expect to comply with the new protocols and will resume back to work ensuring that the deadly virus does not spread more. Filming at different location without any risks would actually mean reducing the risk factor. Sam’s company is all set to revive business for the Hollywood industry and concentrate on the work front.

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They are focusing on six projects with the virtual sets and working from home. Currently, StarGate is preparing for the new season of “The Resident”, which will be showcased under Fox. The medical is the much-awaited drama for the summer.

Virtual production is definitely not new but the video game technology has helped to consider the advanced idea beyond the green screens. With the help of advancement in technology, the filmmakers can simply replace the green background behind the actor with the background desires, making work easier and convenient amid the pandemic.

Now instead of actors waiting for the end of the pandemic, they can perform their action scenes at their homes with a blank screen and then interact with the 3D environment. The recent example of this technology is the Walt Disney’s show, “The Mandolorian”. The show revolves around a intergalactic bounty.

Director Jon Favreau had collaborated with the special effects studio and made the project, “Star wars” possible. The technology allowed creating a 20-foot-high semi-circular and 270 degree LED high wall. This eliminated the filming locations making it convenient for the filmmakers. Virtual production can sound like filming Avatar with special effects.

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However, these LED screens can prove to be the need of the hour. There is no reason to wait for months and then start with the  filming schedules, the filmmakers can actually create visual effects with the help of creator and technology. Backgrounds of the scenes can be easily swapped and costly set can be avoided.

It is really not necessary to visit the filming location and endangering lives. Instead of going to the location, bring the location to you. The virtual system will allow less number of people working on the film and promising results.

Virtual technology has also allowed several film makers in the recent past to complete the post production of their films by comfortably sitting in their spaces. Video calls worked for the team instead of physically visiting the studios. This situation is somewhat similar.

Today, technology has allowed controlling certain elements in the filmmaking which could not have been possible many years back. It is huge time that they make good use of the same.

Let’s wait and see what the filmmakers have got to show us with the new technology.

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