Prime Minister has announced the third round of extension and as the government has promised a few areas will be relaxed in the green zone areas. With this decision, a conversation has been sparked in the exhibition sector, over opening of theatres for the screening of films. If adequate precautionary measures are taken then there is no reason as to why the public should worry about the screening of filming.

However, there is a slight probability that in such areas the theatres can open up, in the near future. Around 300 districts have been listed under the list of green zone areas however 240 of them do not have any theatres in their proximity. Given the ground situation and the probable situations, the leading multiplex chains have turned towards the Picture Time Digiplex, which provides portable theatre experience to the audience.

The leading chains including the PVR are only in sixty-eight towns, which means that they will be desperate to reach out to more green zones and use portable theatres as soon as possible. In the span of one month, it is practical to set up around 25 new portable theatres for the general public in the green zones.

PVR, Cinemax, and Inox are the leading chains who have agreed to this initiative to revive their much-affected business. The MD and CEO of Picture Time Digiplex, Sushil Chaudhary has informed the media sources that Satish Kaushik, the actor-director is currently exploring several options to find out about the possibility of releasing his next film through such portable means.

He strongly feels that in order to make an indelible imprint on the minds of the audience, it is important to have the means of a portable theatre so that the audience will have the best experience and his film will have a great impact. Currently, he is in conversation with the agencies to start filming the movies mid-June, once the situation becomes a little better in the green zones.

In case, this permission is given to the portable theatres they will have to take serious precautionary measures in order to avoid escalation of cases on the graph. As of now, no such orders have been passed nor has the list of rules been laid out if such an activity takes place.

The authorities are planning to have a proper sanitation tunnel to ensure that the audience is safe and even their temperatures will be checked. The seats will also be spaced out in a manner that is in line with the practice of social distancing.

This seems like a better alternative than the small screens to which the audience has been glued for a very long time, amid the lockdown. These portable theatres will be air-conditioned but will run at low capacity. There will be contactless digital purchasing of the ticket and 5.1 digital sound systems will be installed in the theatres.

There are so many green zones in the country currently, but the fact that there are no theatres in the proximity is just sad. Thus, this practice of portable theatres will be able to show a large number of audiences some amazing films in open spaces. 

Picture Time will be easily ready in just a span of two and a half hours. The ground situation seems a little relaxed thus Sunil Chaudhary and his dedicated team are working and trying to make things easier by giving the best cinematic experience to the general public at such stressful times.

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