Flipkart’s Idea To Identify Talent Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Is Trending

Flipkart's Idea To Identify Talent Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Is Trending

People across the globe are coming up with new ideas to keep themselves busy; Flipkart has definitely addressed the need of the hour. Under its umbrella, it has decided to cater to the best of entertainment to the audience. The Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan promises to gather talent from all across the country through an online talent show. The charismatic actor is all set to identify young bubbling talent among the youngsters amid the lockdown of the coronavirus. The show has been titled, “Entertainer No-1”, which will be launched on the Flipkart app on 13th April.

 The main purpose of the talent show is not only about talent but also about spreading positivity in the times when we need it the most. The talent show can entertain millions of Indians trapped in the four walls through online streaming. Varun vouches that he is looking forward to deliver amazing content along with other professionals from across the country.

The actor believes that our country is a treasure trove when it comes to talent and thus the deserving ones ought to receive the opportunity that they truly deserve. The reality show will be launched on Flipkart video in collaboration with the actor. In no small measure, these conceptual shows will help the people stay positive and use entertainment to the best of their interest.

Anyone interested who is 13 or above 13 is free to record their best performance in a video. They can then directly upload their talent on Flipkart app‘s video section. The section will be filled with a number of songs and dialogues so the user can choose their favorites. However, the minors are advised to perform only under supervision.

Varun Dhawan along with a recruited panel of judges will together go through the entire screening process. Every video will be examined by the panel and after eight weeks of upload, the judges will come to their final decision. The roller coaster ride of talent definitely has a lot to offer in a country like India.

The audience can expect some of the best talent to be recognized amid the coronavirus pandemic. This is probably the first time that a website has come up with a unique idea to identify the right crowd through the screens. Physically gathering for recording a show is nearly impossible and thus such an idea to identify talent is very innovative. No more crowded spaces, no more scores of security guards, no vanity vans and no art direction required.

Entertainer No.1 has come up with the novel idea that promises everything that a reality show does just by staying within the four walls. After the news went viral, people cannot hold their horses and are already having an adrenaline rush with what the talented youngsters have to offer. We all can agree that the main intention of the show is to cheer up the people in the pandemic situation.

The stay-at-home reality show thought that Varun Dhawan would ideally suit the role because the personality was involved in a number of situations to help the people of the country at all times. The efforts taken by Flipkart are commendable with wanting to deliver entertainment just through screens amid coronavirus news.

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