Filmmakers Of The Film 83, Have No Plans To Release The Well-Crafted Movie On Any OTT Platform

Filmmakers Of The Film 83, Have No Plans To Release The Well-Crafted Movie On Any OTT Platform
Filmmakers Of The Film 83, Have No Plans To Release The Well-Crafted Movie On Any OTT Platform

Amid the pandemic lockdown, many movies are thinking of releasing their films on the OTT platforms, since the situation is not so good it is not known as to when the theatres will allow releasing novel blockbusters. However, Kabir Khan, the filmmaker of the film 83 has denied that the film will not be an online release and the audience will have to wait until the pandemic comes to an end. The OTT platforms have tried very hard and showed keen interest in purchasing the release right by offering huge sums of money. But the director does not want to accept the offer.

The film 83, is a sports drama starring Ranveer Singh and is the most awaited film of the year 2020. The release schedule has definitely been postponed however, there were speculations that the film would be released on some big OTT platform. The film revolves around the well-crafted true story of Kapil Dev, the legend cricketer.

Thus, it is not as surprising as to why so many platforms are involved in the bidding war of purchasing releasing right. It is estimated that in case the film is released in the theatres, it will cross the mark of three hundred crores. Kabir has confirmed to the sources that in no small measure, the filmmakers have been offered a whopping sum to directly release the much-awaited film online.

Clearly, the film 83 has several departments that worked very hard to neatly knit this film and it was just unfair if it is released on a small screen. The movie has been envisioned to be felt and experienced on big screens so instead of releasing it amid chaos, it is definitely better to wait until the situation gets normal and then release in the theatres.

In the past, the Group CEO of Reliance Entertainment, Shibhashish Sarkar even announced that there are absolutely no plans to release the well-knitted movie directly on the OTT platforms. It seems that both the director of the film and producers have same thoughts about it and are willing to wait for several more months rather than just giving low experience to the audience.

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The makers will first complete the film and make sure that each department has received enough time to double-check their work. Shibhashish also said that they can even wait for about six to nine months. If the situation does not appear to be under control then they can always think of reconsidering their decision. They have absolutely no hurry in taking hasty decisions that might affect the movie in any way.

It seems that several people have come forward to discuss their keen interest in the project but the filmmakers and the producers are not willing to entertain talks concerning the direct online release of the film. The film 83, will glorify India’s win in the history of cricket.

India won the cricket world cup in the year 1983, with some of the best cricket players in the Indian team. The film will definitely be a visual treat to all the movie buffs and cricket buffs. The film 83, also marks the reunion of the gorgeous actress Deepika Padukone and the stylish actor of the Bollywood industry, Ranveer Singh. The former will play the role of the cricketer’s wife, Romi Bhatia.

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