Farah Khan Thrashes Her Colleagues, Says Posting Workout Videos Will Not Do Good To Current Pandemic Situation

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Bollywood filmmaker Farah Khan rebuked her colleagues for taking to their social media handles and posting videos of themselves working out. She feels that posting such videos during major pandemic crises is nothing but ‘a little shallow’ act, which is done to gain attention. Earlier, the filmmaker had posted a video on her Instagram handle asking her Bollywood colleagues to stop with their personal updates during crises like situations, including their working out videos.

In her interview with Rajeev Masand, she said that she apologizes to every individual who is actually scared due to the crises and she herself is very disturbed by the frivolous action of certain individuals. He insists on the fact that this is a global pandemic and not a global party and thereby requires seriousness.

Farah also confessed that she is not pointing towards a particular celebrity but feels that the videos uploaded by the celebrity are their effort towards being seen and being noticed by everyone. According to her, such videos are shallow with wanting to be the center of attraction even during such serious times. 

She also feels that the Bollywood industry does not hold a good image when it comes to having a reputation of great thinking and thus actions must be performed only after the consequences are well thought of. This is a direct dig at the celebrities!

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However, in another video interviewed by Masand, DeepikaPadukone had revealed the reason as to why she shares her working out videos amidst the lockdown. She stated that a lot of people must be having a problem with the work-out videos that the celebrities put up, but the aim of the videos is to actually exercise than put up content on the handle. She also added that it’s all about how one feels and not about how one looks.

Farah further in her support added that working out is not the only job that they have; the celebrities can even help neighbors and the other by sending food. In her interview, she stated, “You can’t just be, ‘Oh my god, my gym is shut.’ My daughters are 12 years old, they are figuring out how to feed stray dogs. My son is stressed and wants to write songs about something that can help. So, you can’t flaunt your privilege at this time. I know you can but you should not.

If one tries to understand the film maker’s side all she wants is to stop the bombardment of the working out videos on the social media handles. She is mad at her colleagues for only wanting to think about their perfect figure and take advantage of being so privileged. Thus, she clearly feels that more than shaping our bodies we should shape our minds especially when a pandemic is taking lives. Farah also threatened to un-follow the celebrities if they don’t stop putting up such videos.

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