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Media sources have reported that Doug Liman will be joining the handsome hunk, Tom Cruise on his mission to the space. The Director of American Made and edge of Tomorrow will be helming a secret feature for Tom Cruise and a few scenes of the same will be filmed in space.

As of now the project has not been set up officially with a studio or financer and the schedule of the same seems a little dicey. First, Tom Cruise has to finish his film Mission Impossible, which has been halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. The plot details of the new film have been kept a secret and the only thing that is known is that Liman is penning down the script amid the crises.

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Liman and Cruise are both the producers of the film and the adventure has been cooking up for a long time now. For the same project, Elon Musk and NASA have been involved for filming the scenes in the space.

In no small measure, thus has been a heated conversation on the social media platforms. The new initiative and innovative idea seems to be really attractive however, there will be a lot many risks involved for the same.

Plus, not much of the crew will be able to go to the space concerning the limit of the number of people. The space film has pre-production team involved to ensure that the making of the film takes place smoothly and will involve training the star-cast and the crew to withstand the outer space journey.

The news was confirmed by NASA earlier this month and told the media sources that Cruise will be taken to the space for making of a film and will stay at the International Space Station. However, before the filming of the film starts, Liman needs to finish his project with Daisy Ridley whereas Cruise needs to finish this halted film.

When it comes to daring, Tom Cruise has been one of the finest actors to take up the challenge for his films. The legendary actor has undertaken several stunts in the past and it seems like he will not give up here.

Whether it is jumping from one roof to another, undertaking stunts with the jet plane or going to the space for ideal captures, the actor has always nodded his head.

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Stay tuned for updates, news and much more.

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