The Vampire Diaries: I Bet You Missed These Details Watching Series

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The Vampire Diaries, one of the most loved supernatural series that ran for 8 seasons, has made everyone spin their heads off. I mean the way the show has portrayed friendship between once human Caroline, Bonnie and Elena changed how they learned to deal with supernatural entities that they have to stay with forever.

The show featured two epic love triangles initially between the Salvatore brothers and Katherine and then between Salvatore brothers and Elena.  

 At the end of the show, how they stand out after all the stacks were against them is just amazing. However, you may have watched the show with all your heart you may have missed out a few of the hidden details that often fans seem to miss. 

Human Caroline V/s Vampire Caroline

Human Caroline was way too wimpy, and she always lived with the fact that boys still want Elena. Initially, when she adored Stefan, he went for Elena and then Damon used her for just getting the information out. But once she turned into a Vampire, it looked like her whole character changed.

Once not, so man attracting Human Caroline changed into a vampire who is desired by every male character on the show. Tyler, Klaus, even Stefan fall for her. Well, we don’t blame her for all the affection, after all, she developed into a robust, exciting and compassionate character who managed to get a huge fan base.

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Damon Slept With Elena’s Biological Mother

If you remember Isobel, Elena’s mother and Alaric’s first wife was so much fascinated by Vampires. Alaric came to Mystic Falls to kill the vampire he believed his beloved wife.

But to everyone’s surprise, it was revealed that Isobel was interested in him and wanted her to change into a vampire. Not only this, but we also found out that Damon had a sexual relationship with Isobel.

Anyway, he brags about it to Alaric and then everything gets complicated. Isobel knew that Damon was in love with Elena, but then Elena too fell in love with him for knowing that he slept with her mother. 

Stefan’s Love For Going Back To High School

If you remember when Lexi tells Stefan that he is supernaturally old and knows more about history than history teachers as he is old enough. Now this leaves us with a question, that does he miss his school experience? It does seem that Stefan could have made better use of his time, but maybe he likes the experience of going back to school and keep his day on schedule.

Bonnie Was The Giver

Now, I really have a soft corner, for poor Bonnie. However, she was loved by everyone, but she was the one who has given her everything for her friends. She dies for her friend, gives up being a bitch, and at the end of the show, she loses her only love- Enzo. And after all of this, she gets nothing.

Many Main Characters Became Orphan

However, Elena and Joey at the beginning of the story were orphan but at the end of the show Caroline, Matt, and Tyler lose their parents and loved ones. Technically Bonnie didn’t lose her mother, but yes, her mother was turned into a vampire.

These were a few hidden details that made this epic love story more fascinating. If you know more, then drop them in the comments section and make this content more interesting.

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