9 Classical Movies To Watch Online In Self Quarantine

Classical Movies To Watch Online In Self Quarantine

As everybody is at their home maintain hygienic measure against COVID-19, most of the people already know that watching movies is the best cure for boredom.

Undoubtedly, they always have been! But quarantine increasing and COVID-19 increasing rapidly, you might fight to find it challenging to decide which movie to watch and spend endless hours scrolling through Netflix and Amazon Prime looking for something worth a watch.

Of course, you might be bored by binge-watching, again and again, all your favorite movies and won’t be able to decide the new one! Well, don’t be horrified as we have decided to put up a list of movies that are worth watching your time, and we know that you have a lot of it to kill!


As we all know that many workers have lost their jobs due to this pandemic. Therefore, a lot of people can use it as a movie inspiration to start afresh. It is a masterpiece by Ken Loach, which won the Palm D’or in 2016, and the inspiration behind it is Daniel.

It is a story about an everyman who is trying to make sense of nonsensical job benefits. Daniel finds the humanitarian warmth in the austere town of Newcastle. How? Well, this how the part is an exciting part of the movie.

A great sense of humor with a burst of hearty laughter will keep you entertained throughout the movie. Loach’s film is a great movie that imparts compassion and builds towards an emotional climax.

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We think it’s not bad if we could laugh in these hectic times. As we all need the breadth of fresh air that will keep us afresh and work as a stress buster. Well, it seems like it has been taken care of by Billy Wilder, and his well-dressed comedy, some like it hot, might not be the vaccine for the COVID-19. Still, it can completely dismay our anxiety for a couple of hours.

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Apocalypse Now is not only cinema’s most exhilarating and expansive epic, as it not only captures the extreme prejudice – which was the moral ambiguity of a period. It is set up between 1955 and 1975, where Francis Ford Coppola soaked in the horror of the Vietnam War.

After which he went to the Amazon with an arsenal of actors and decided to shoot and edit his film with all the techniques and threw the audience into hell like a war. Doesn’t it sounds interesting enough! We bet it is the best catch for those who love action.

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Ok, we admit that Step Brothers is a gross comedy that has been grossly misunderstood because of its childish humor. An array of moviegoers has written off Adam McKay’s cult classic. Which totally is a shame! But there is no touching portrait of brotherly love, as portrayed in this movie.

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s man child routine is what will entertain you the most. This movie has been completed with the drum sets, bunk beds, and lots of one-liners to fill your world with funny jokes. We don’t describe this as the perfect watch, but yes, it is just the dumb fun a lot of us need right now!

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Well, watching something scary can really take your mind off the terrifying situation going on right now. To turn your brain off, you certainly need this slice of horror from the ’70s. Dario Argento’s Suspiria is the movie that will cast the spell and will transport us all to a surreal place that is very different from our real world.

The place we are talking about here is a dance academy which is also a witch convent. It has all the symbolic colors and Goblin score that reflects Jessica Harper’s descent nature into madness. Harper, the therapist, says that “Bad luck is not invited by broken mirrors but is invited by broken minds” however, in the way it has been directed, it is a hair-raising horror.

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Well, someone has wisely said that there is nothing more freeing and confusing than being young. Being twenty and independent is all that we want. However, that feeling of being twenty has perfectly been captured in this movie, and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have given their hit through it.

We have already appreciated the film enough, but watching Damon in his role as a janitor will solve MIT’s toughest problem in a blast! If you are a parent and are looking for something to show to your kids you can definitely go for this film. As Damon’s humor will leave everyone locked up in their rooms and happier.

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While Spanish explores make their way down the mountain towards a dark jungle, Aguirre says, “we all are going under.” It is in the movie where we find out two things: that our civilization is being doomed by greed, and we are in the presence of work that is being calculated.

Werner Herzog has tortured its cast for the authentic results, and it has resulted in a haunting snapshot of a man and the world that is going under. Well, this has helped to bring out the perfect essence of the movie.

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Adjectives would fail to describe the enchanting poetry of Stalker. Andrei Tarkovsky’s Sci-Fi is a masterpiece, which is on the top list of critics. This movie dwells into the depths of human souls. The camera that sways effortlessly through the grass is Tarkovsky’s location for shooting.

When you see the movie, you will be someone else, but when you finish this movie, you will ultimately be someone else. However, talking about the film, three men enter a forbidden zone and leave transformed.

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Martin Scores will stay among the audience as long as his gut-punching Raging bull will be there. Which means forever! Robert DeNiro’s performance will keep the audience in the theme, and direction is terrific.

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