“CASTLEVANIA” Season 3 Has Too Much To Offer Than Action

Castle Vania Season 3 Full Review

The wait is finally over, the most awaited Season for Castlevania fans ‘Season 3’ was out on the first week of March, i.e.  5th March 2020 on Netflix. Castlevania is Netflix’s epic animated series and has gathered a huge fan base since their first Season. Now, their season 3 is out and is claimed to be the best one yet.

The first season appeared on the big screen back in 2017 where the first part ‘Warren Ellis’ was an adaption of Konami- a classic video game which by the way was a huge hit but only had four episodes. The second season was launched in the fall of 2018 with eight action pack episodes. It was fabricated in a complex storytelling narration which indeed leads to the death of Dracula himself!

Season 3 is, of course, a continuation of this exclusive animation storytelling and fully-fledged narrative approach that so far has been provided by this epic animated Netflix series.  Season 3 not only comes with a new series but also has got all the new characters with a vast expansion of the Castlevania world, even the Season has many ‘what in God’s name is that’ moments. The Season is packed with a rollercoaster of 10 brand new episodes that promise to deliver you the best entertainment ever.

So, the overview of this is Castlevania Season 3 is – after the death of Dracula, Trevor and Sypha are traveling. Alucard confines himself in the castle in the misery. In contrast, Isaac returns to Europe to take revenge. Carmilla reunites herself with her dear vampire sister of the Styrian ruling court and sees a way to avail herself an opportunity over Dracula’s death to build a brand-new future but ohhh… but the twist is that to achieve her selfish motive she needs to imprison Hector!  

Besides a great story Castlevania Season, 3 offers various other things on the plate. For action lovers, it provides bloody violence against men and monsters, new characters and adage characters pulled from the Castlevania canon along with original characters, deep philosophical conversations between characters everything is weaved together to pull a great show out of it.

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Dracula’s death is on the hands of Trevor, Sypha and most likely Alucard. In the emptiness left behind after Dracula’s death, the remaining vampire leaders are tussling over for the control of the mighty territory and the human livestock that lives within it.

Although, these creatures of the night are roving across everywhere on the land making traveling and going out at night a quite problematic tasks for the human race. But Trevor and Sypha don’t come under the category of the typical human race they go on enjoying their freedom either unsuspecting the prowling bandits who bite, chew and run away!

If you have been following this show from the very beginning, you may know how badass this duo is. But in this season, you can expect their relationship to get more complex both sexually and otherwise as they happen to crossroads upon a small that is plagued by a troubling incident.

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Most of the action in this Season sets up at Lindenfeld for Trevor and Sypha, and it is also a place where you will meet new characters such as Saint Germain, town governor judge, and monks of the Priory and their leader Sala. If you have already watched the previous seasons of Castlevania, you must know that the name of his epic animated series is not just crumbled up with two mere names but has deep religious insight. We will not be wrong when we say that Castlevania is an adult animated series that has deep worldly philosophical conversations and intense action elements wedded to it.

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With the fire of getting revenge from traitorous Hector in mind, Isaac’s arc discovers the forge master carving a bloody whack through Europe. However, he doesn’t travel this path alone he is being accompanied by the army of the dead, evil souls who have been called upon from hell, and yet eschewed when the human community off guards their own community. Already thinking evil about Isaac?

But somehow Isaac upholds the best individual conversations you will hear this Season. As he meets a wise merchant who not only gives him a valuable item but also grants him kindness, a captain who not only knows about the safe passage but also harbor philosophical knowledge in Isaac. Isaac, who only sees evil in man, has the most magical journey in this Season. The mission of his soul salvation is a delight to watch.

Castlevania Season 3 unfolds with the wonderland of natural beauty that is surrounding the Dracula’s tumbledown castle. It opens up on a happy note as we can see the land of light, color, and life that symbolizes happiness. Nature has returned to its natural form in quiet surroundings.

Alucard’s tale continues to unfold after the death of both the parents, particularly he is haunted by the death of his father ‘The Dracula’ by his own hands. Alucard can be seen gathering ingredients for his simple meal- plants, herbs, and fish, which he prepares in dignified silence.

Although he has inherited vampire blood in him, he chooses to live a normal human life and appreciate the beauty of it. To suffice Alucard’s story this season, you will see a refreshing change of pace from all the hustle-bustle among the characters to glare upon the vulnerability of our beloved character.

Castlevania Season 3 has the most intense and brutal fighting scenes you would have ever seen in any animated series. The heroic trio has some best moves to offer they have all the best weapons and skills while their hearts and minds will be changed forever by the events bewitching this Season. Also, sex has been introduced to this Season. Hence, you are not only going to find the action you will also find the physical manifestation of attraction between characters.

The cast behind Castlevania has done great work and has embarked on a new level of action, thoughts and not to forget the best animation series for a hit video game. Castlevania is a full action-packed series that will not disappoint you.

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