Big B Calls The Release Of The Film Gulabo Sitabo On The OTT Platform As Great Challenge

Big B Calls The Release Of The Film Gulabo Sitabo On The OTT Platform As Great Challenge

The global pandemic has definitely caused a lot of chaos and challenges to all the industries across the world. The Bollywood industry has also faced a similar situation, where the schedule of plenty of films has come to a halt and the release date of several films has been postponed.

However, there are a few filmmakers who did not kneel down before the pandemic and believe that their project must reach the people in any situation. Thus, several producers have taken the idea of releasing their films on the OTT platform amid the lockdown to treat the Bollywood buffs with some entertainment.

India is all set to enter the fourth stage of lockdown and the Hindi film industry is still not aware as to when the situation will come back to normal. The theatre owners are very scared about their means of survival considering the practice of social distancing. But the producers of the Bollywood industry are not so much bothered about them.

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The makers have already decided to lock deals and negotiate with the giant OTT platforms to ensure that they do not suffer from any kind of loss in the coming future. Shoojit Sircar is the first filmmaker, who has confirmed his deal with a giant OTT platform amid the lockdown.

His upcoming release titled as ‘Gulabo Sitabo’ seems to change things for the Bollywood industry. The film was scheduled to hit the theatres in the month of April but the pandemic has definitely made things worse for the filmmakers.

In the last week, The Multiplex Association of India had appealed to the content creators, producers, studio partners and artists to support the cinemas. They want the filmmakers to hold the release of their cinemas and only release the new project once the theatres open and the situation comes back to normal.

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The association urged the artists to respect the theatrical window. It seems like the pandemic is testing patience of the industry! The association further said that all across the globe several countries have decided to agree with the time-tested practice and thus, India must do the same. Looks like the theatre association will suffer a lot of loss if the same practice is continued for a longer period of time.

However, if we look at the brighter side, the OTT giants are earning a lot of profit from the current situation. Since the streaming giants are the only source of entertainment and fresh content for the people locked within the four walls, the producers of the platform are benefiting the most.

The new-found interest of the public seems to be the one-stop destination for plenty of films and series for the next couple of months. If such a practice continues for a very long time then in no small measure will these streaming giants become very powerful. It is pretty obvious, that it will take plenty of time for the cinemas to open up again and by then the audience will have no other option but to resort to this only source of entertainment.

Looks like the audience definitely cannot wait for the situation to become normal and enjoy the films in the theatre just like before. Everyone definitely misses the big screen after being glued to their small screens all day long and the experience of watching a film with the best speakers. There are people who miss the snacks served in the theatres including caramel popcorn and cheese popcorn. The movie buffs will have to wait just a little more longer to enjoy their source of entertainment again!

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