Badshah’s New Song ‘Genda Phool’ Seems To Be In Trouble For Plagiarism

Badshah's New Song 'Genda Phool' Seems To Be In Trouble For Plagiarism

Famous rapper Badshah denied all the allegations against him on Tuesday. He has been alleged for using folk artiste Ratan Kahar’s lyrics in his latest track ‘Genda Phool Song’ without giving the credits. The folk singer says that he could not find his name in the lyricists anywhere in the records.

The music video of ‘Genda Phool’ stars Jacqueline Fernandez and is among the top trending videos on YouTube. According to some social media platforms, some of the users suggest that the song does not mention any of the Kahar’s name.

He took this to Instagram and said, “I would never do this as an artist, I would never rob another of his credit.” He also announced that lyrics of the ‘Bengali folk’ as Kahar’s name was no-where in the records.”

Badshah also added that “it took us time to speak to you people because we were trying to find out his name in the records. But then a lot of people started tagging me, and there is a documentary on him. In that documentary, he has mentioned that he has written this song. To me, as per the records, it is a Bengali folk song.”

Badshah also emphasized that the term folk imply that a song of the people. “I am sure that he is a great artist… it is such a beautiful and amazing composition. It is a great piece of music, and I just wanted to sample it in a song and present it in the whole world”.

In the interview, he further stated that “whosoever has tweeted me and all those who have made this documentary I want to thank you all. I also want you to reach out to Ratan Kahar, and please tell him that I am here he can reach out to me. I got to know that he is not financially stable well. I will do everything to help him on humanitarian, artistic grounds. But as of now as per records, I cannot find the records that it is written by him. I have no problem with helping him. In fact, if it would have not been lockdown, I would have come and met him in person.”

“People are saying that I have taken his credits, but there is nothing like that. When we have clearly mentioned the name of everyone who has worked in the video, we surely would have mentioned his name. it is about two lines.” He added.

On the other hand, Ratan, who is 70-year-old and hails from Bribhum, claims that his song never got any recognition and also reveals that earlier also his songs have been recreated. He says, “There are so many writers and good people around us, but nobody protests against the wrongdoings. Those who sing the song don’t understand the spirit behind it and ruin its ethnicity”.

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