Amazon Prime Releases Oscar Winning Film Parasite, Claimed To Be Inspired By A Tamil Film

Amazon Prime Releases Oscar Winning Film Parasite, Claimed To Be Inspired By A Tamil Film

South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon Ho’s Oscar-winning film Parasite soon will be streaming in India on Amazon Prime. Initially, the movie will be available in the Korean language with English subtitles. From 27th March onwards, it will be available in Hindi dubbing as well, announced Amazon Prime Video on its social media platform.

The Parasite is the story that is revolved around a family of four who dupes a wealthy family into becoming their servants. Hmm sounds something like Wuthering Heights written by Emily Bronte, where Heathcliff, driven by revenge, makes his master a servant. However, let us get back to the movie; the efforts to keep the deception under the cover lead to unexpected lead of events and situations that no one would ever foresee. The film won rave of reviews from the critiques worldwide, many of them observed that it is a bold social commentary.

Globally, it has been released in 2019 and hit the film theaters on 31ST January in India. However, Parasite created history by winning various awards at the Oscar 2020.

The film won academy awards for the best original screenplay, best director, best international feature film, and best picture. The Parasite is the first foreign language film to win the best picture award at the academy awards.

The Bong Joon-Ho directorial won the Golden Globe Award for the best foreign-language film and became the first South Korean film to win the Palme d’Or the Cannes Film Festival.

In a nutshell, Parasite movie follows the Kim family as they create a plan to leach off the wealthy Parks family. The story takes a drastic turn when their symbiotic relationship is threatened by another family. And whatever happens after that is the result of love, desperation, and their array situations.

It boldly talks about the difference in class and its effect on people’s mindsets. It is set in South Korea and blurs the line between two genres and leaves the audience with a new experience that will make you happy at first but will send chills down your spine later.

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However, Parasite will not take you to another world of imagination but will show you the reality of the world. It is a relatable film; once you get past the obstacles of reading the subtitles, there is a whole other world that you have to experience.

However, there is a buzz going on in India that this film has been inspired by the 1999 release, Minsara Kanna. Producers PL Thenappan, who holds all the legal rights to the Tamil film, will be filing a case to seek compensation for the plagiarism from the filmmakers of the Parasite.

With the help of an international lawyer he will be filing a lawsuit against them, he recently said that “They have taken the plot from my film Minsara Kanna. When they find out that some of our films have been inspired by their films, they file a case we can do the vice versa.”

Many fans on Twitter claimed that the films are similar. However, the Tamil film revolves around a wealthy boy. In contrast, Parasite movie is fabricated around the family who is having a hard time to run the necessary errands.

The story where a wealthy boy goes undercover to impress the girl and her family has been a typical plot in South and Bollywood films during the 1980s and 1990s.

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