Akshay Kumar And R Balki Reunite At Kamalistan Studio To Film An Awareness Campaign Amid Coronavirus Pandemic!

Akshay Kumar And R Balki Reunite At Kamalistan Studio To Film An Awareness Campaign Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

On May 25, 2020, the fitness freak of Bollywood industry Akshay Kumar stepped out of his secured home in order to film a campaign for raising awareness amid the global pandemic. The project was filmed at the Kamalistan Studio. R Balki and Akshay Kumar collaborated earlier on the film, “Padman”, which received a lot of positive response from the audience.

The short film filmed yesterday was to spread the message of hygiene amid the pandemic. The director wanted to put forward the idea of positive behavioural change and all such related practices to battle the deadly virus together.

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The actor made sure that he had completed all the formalities that were required for the short film. He arrived on time and abided by all the rules and regulations laid down for the film. The filming was completed within just one hour.

During the entire filming the actor was seen wearing a mask and kept the idea of social distancing in mind. He kept himself protected at all times and made sure that we did not go near any crew member abiding by the rules given by respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The campaign was only filmed after the team legally took a notice and asked the Mumbai Police for their permission. The Municipal Corporation was also asked about the same. The team which was involved in the campaign filming was just supposed to follow certain guidelines.

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The campaign was filmed only with limited number of crew members on board and everyone was supposed to practice social distancing. No one went close to each other and all the people before entering the scene were supposed to go through a sanitization tunnel.

Temperature of each and every crew member was checked before letting them inside. They made sure that their hands were sanitised and wore a mask throughout the filming. Another protective gear was made available to all the crew members to taker extra-precautionary measure.

The village set for the film was very simple and subtle. The actor wore a pitch-white shirt, gamcha and slippers to give the villager look. The basic idea of the campaign is to reach each and every citizen of this country and even the interiors of this country.

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Akshay Kumar was chosen for a purpose, the people in rural India know him and he has gained the popularity because of certain social movies and the ad campaigns he has done for the rural India.

Balki told the media sources that the ad campaign was filmed for the Government of India in order to make all the people of the country aware of the behaviour they must apply. The government wants the people of the country to act responsible so that everyone tighter can fight the deadly disease together.

Things have been very difficult for the entire country, with cases rising every day. This is the ultimate reason as to why the ad has been filmed to make the people aware as well as make them realise that everything will be fine. With the help of the ad film, the crew member must have got a clear idea about how the filming scenes will be post lockdown.

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The filming will take place with keeping the hygiene protocols in mind and ensuring that the crew member will be safe at all times.The producer of the film, Anil Naidu made sure that everything was catered well financially and decisions were taken keeping in mind the idea of social distancing.

In no small measure, due to the first lockdown of the country, all the television shows and programs have come to a halt. It is very obvious that in the coming future, the people of the country will have to follow their profession with certain guidelines.

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There have been several discussions about how the work should be resumed, especially the Bollywood industry since it has affected several daily wage earners.

Coming back to the fikming, on Monday, a virtual call was held with the Chief Minister Uddhav Thackrey and certain guidelines were laid down to undertake the filming. There was a 37 page document and the lit made sure that all the necessary details were kept in mind.

The key points of the document were:

  1. Wash your hand and make sure everyone at the film set is sanitised
  2. Gloves and masks are compulsory for the crew
  3. The studio where the ad will be filmed needs to be sanitised everyday
  4. Temperature of the crew members must be checked at all cost
  5. Personnel will be appointed to ensure that the guidelines are followed
  6. Doctors and a nurse will be appointed for the same
  7. An ambulance will always be on stand by
  8. The filming equipment must be disinfected at every cost
  9. Social distancing to be maintained and microphones to be used for talking
  10. Food will be distributed only with the help of take away boxes and they must be disposable
  11. Set must be divided between certain zones.
  12. There shall not be any movement between all the zones
  13. Artist staff will not be allowed on the main set
  14. No unnecessary artists must visit the set without permission
  15. The artists must remain in the rooms when not required on the set
  16. The member who will violate the terms will be removed from the team

Thus, all of these guidelines were taken very seriously by the crew members and the artist while for the same. Let ‘s just wait for more updates regarding the same.

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