Ajay Devgn Starrer New Film Maidaan Is Perhaps Going To Face Losses After Lockdown

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The coronavirus pandemic has not just caused the fear in the hearts of people but is severely affecting the economy too. The pandemic, along with killing thousands and thousands of people around the globe, has also killed several business ventures. Multiple businesses have already gone down and are on the verge of being bankrupt like several major airlines. To protect people the government of the nation had imposed a lockdown just like the rest of the world.

With the nationwide lockdown, all the productions and shootings have been put on a hold. The government has denied any permission to shoot to any director of the production house in the time and has asked everyone to stay in quarantine. Amid the same, several Production houses are suffering major losses with delayed shooting schedules and ruining of their probs.

Ajay Devgn starrer movie was supposed to start its second line of shooting at the beginning of March. For the same, a huge makeshift stadium was being constructed. It is said that the stadium was worth 7 cr. And now it has been left unused for several days. The stadium was being created for football scenes that the movie had demanded.

The designing team of the movie had started working on the stadium back in January to complete it by March. The shooting was scheduled to start on the 21st of March. However, the Maharashtrian government imposed a lockdown starting on the 16th of March followed by a nationwide lockdown starting on the 21st of March. Amit R Sharma was supposed to record his football sequence in the makeshift stadium on the scheduled dates. But the schedule will now have to be scheduled again after the 3rd of May if there isn’t any further extension of the lockdown.

The magnificent stadium has everything starting from the washrooms, the makeup and vanity rooms, to the production room for the team to control production. But now the set has been left unused which is an estimated loss to the production house. This may come out as a major bump to the budget as well.

The lockdown that has been extended to May 3rd can cause even bigger trouble. It is being said that if the lockdown extends to June, there is a possibility of complete damage to the set. The monsoon will begin soon after and will be a block in the shoot. If the rain touches the set, it will be ruined because of water.

It is also said that the shoot requires local actors and team as well as actors and technician crew from other countries. Depending on the lockdowns and availability of dates of actors, technicians and the team, further shooting dates will be decided for the shoot.

Maidaan is a beautiful story of a coach and his life. He is a marvelous coach who trains his team so well that he puts the name of India on the top of the world. Coming out from the golden sparkling days of Indian football, Ajay Devgn is going to play the coach.

Syed Abdul Rahim was an impeccable and legendary coach. He took Indian football to invincible heights and was named as the Father of Indian Football. He was the one to make sure that India reaches on the platform of football that the country deserved and marked the name of the nation on the top of the list.

The movie is going to be produced by Zee Studious, Akash Chawla, Boney Kapoor, Arunava Joy Sengupta. It will be directed by Amit Sharma. The screenplay and the dialogs of the movie are taken under by Saiwyn Quadron and Ritesh Shah.

The scheduled date for the release of this biopic film was set to be 27th of November 2020. There is a very high possibility that the release date of the film will have a shift in it because of about a month of delay in the shooting schedule. Well, no matter how late the movie shall release, we are already very excited to watch this phenomenal and legendary coach and his life with struggles that lead the name of the nation to the heights like never before.

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