New To Rummy? Follow This Guide To Ace the 13 Card Game

13 Card Game Guide

Played rummy for the first time and lost the game terribly? It’s okay! All expert players have been there. So, why not clear your basics before you start playing the game? You should know that there are many rummy variants, one of which is the 13 card game and is commonly played in the country.

If you want to base your rummy skills, learning and mastering the 13 card game will be a good start.

Let’s begin with knowing the common terms used in the 13 card game:

  • Rummy Table: The table where the rummy game is played is called the rummy table. Every table can accommodate two to six players per game.
  • Joker and Wild Cards: In each deck, there is a printed joker, and a wild joker card which is selected randomly at the beginning of the game. Note that the role of both these cards is the same. You can use the joker to form sets and impure sequences. Also, remember that a joker card can replace the desired number when creating sequences in a rummy game.
  • Sorting of Cards: Sorting of cards is done at the commencement of the game. Doing so will help you arrange your cards to help you form sets and sequences, reducing the cards’ probability. When playing 13 card games online, you can hit the sort button and start playing once the cards are displayed. Online rummy gaming platforms like Adda52Rummy offer an auto-sort feature that groups cards based.
  • Drop: You can plan to leave the game table at the start or middle of the game in case of a weak hand. It is a drop and is a personal choice. In the 13 card game, the drop at the beginning of the game accounts for 10 points. The drop in the middle accounts for 30 points and the drop, in the end, accounts for 80 points, which is the maximum points lost.
  • Cash Tournaments: You can opt to play for real cash. Many popular gaming websites like Adda52Rummy have free tournaments. Play in these tournaments that run 24×7 and aim to win big.
  • Invalid Declaration: [Declaration with Invalid Sets] For instance: you have a set of three 10’s of two spades and diamond respectively and a queen of hearts.

Now, remember, a set can have 3 cards or more. However, a set needs to be made with cards of the same value and different suits. In the above situation, the wild joker (queen of hearts) card was added to become the fifth card. It is valid as per the rules, but the group consists of 2 cards of the same suit, making it a wrong declaration.

Knowing these common terms will help you understand how to play the 13 card game:

The Game Play

  • A random toss is made at the start of the game, where cards are dealt with all the players. The player with the highest hand card wins and starts the game.
  • After this, 13 cards are dealt with each player.
  • The first card is placed in the open deck to indicate that the game has started. Then, the rest of the cards are placed face-down in the closed deck.
  • All players can then arrange their cards based on the suits using the sort button.
  • You can pick a card from either open or closed decks and discard the hand card on the open deck.
  • If you arrange all the 13 cards in your hand in sets and sequences, you will win the game. Note that you will require at least 2 sequences, one of which must be a pure sequence and others arranged in sequences or sets.
  • Once you arrange the cards in the 13 card game, you can discard the final card on the finish slot to declare the game. If all your sets and sequences are valid as per the rules, you will win with 0 points. The points of losing players will be calculated as per the value of cards remaining in their hands.
  • Remember that declaring with less than 2 combinations(one pure sequence and impure sequence) will constitute an invalid declaration.
  • To play the 13 card game well, it is vital to have a firm grasp of the rules.

13 Card Game Rules

  • The objective is to arrange all the cards in sets and sequences. One of these sequences needs to be a pure sequence, that is, without a joker.
  • Three or four consecutive cards from the same suit form a sequence.
  • A pure sequence is mandatory for a win.
  • One card generated randomly at the beginning of the game to take any card in a set is called the wild card joker.

By following this guide, you can master the game of 13 card game quickly. To practice, you can visit gaming websites like Adda52Rummy. This popular portal enables you to practice the game with its free tournaments and win irresistible cash prizes in its cash games or tournaments.

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